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mark up on new bikes?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by watertrade, Jan 22, 2006.

  1. Hi Everyone,
    This might be a more appropriate topic for the general discussion but since this is my first post and introduction I though I'd post here.

    HI... I'm from Canberra, and I'm one of the country’s newest licensed riders. I have just completed my stay upright course and have ridden a few bikes. I have also just bought a GS500.

    To get back to my question... I was just wondering what kind of mark up bike dealers put on new bikes? I appreciate that dealers have to make a living - I just wish the whole purchasing thing was more transparent.

    anyway I was a bit hasty in buying my bike and after I had done the business I thought about it and now I'm not sure if I got the 'great deal' I thought I had, I bought a New GS500 in 2005 colours with $770 worth of newbie gear (retail) for $7900. I think I should have waited for the 2006 models to be available? ... hmmm
  2. Their margin depends on lots of things
    #1 buying in bulk lots
    #2 supplier specials or incentives
    #3 if the bikes have been on a floor plan like borg warner ( its vechicle leasing for dealers as so not to put all their capital into floor stock )

    sometimes a dealer can make a bundle on a bike especialy if its ordered in for a customer ( ie 5% on 7 days etc)

    other times they can even loose on a particular bike ... ( ie ... its been sitting on the floor for months and they have been paying a floor plan on it )

    theres no real fixed margins ... for the dealers its swings and merry gorounds
  3. I think you did quite well... a few weeks ago I saw the same bike advertised for $8,000 drive-away at the dealer in Sydney.
  4. You did well ,last october in sydney they wanted $8300.
    With the new hyosung GT650 and 250 ,the suzuki GS range has droped in price .
    I paid to much i got mine in october.
  5. It sounds like the dealers are having too much fun... I suppose it’s a bit naive to want the dealers to have a transparent system of trading. It’s like wanting honest politicians or making love to be like the movies.

    To be fair to the particular dealer I got my bike from they have been very good to me and I will be back in the future if I want another bike.

  6. Well when I bought, I got em to show me paperwork showing me
    how much they'd bought em for, so I knew exactly what their profit

    If they dont want to show me, that rings alarm bells for me & I'll have
    no hesitation in taking my business elsewhere.

    Im not shy or afraid to break balls to get a bargain. If you never ask
    for something it aint gonna be given to u on a silver platter.

    eg. Bought an 02 Commodore Exec for my wife & ended up taking the veh
    for $400 more than what they paid for it.

    eg. My ZX9R I got for $4000 under the market value. Bought it for $7k
    & its insured for $11.5k