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Mark Skaife hat

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Roaster, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. So I won me a brand new signed Mark Skaife hat and a Gillette Phenom razor (5 BLADED GOODNESS).

    In a showing of solidarity and admiration for the wealth of useful information on netrider, I'll be keeping the razor to engage in some underbody modification for a more streamlined ride.

    But I was wondering whether the signed hat has any value in your earth $?

  2. hes a nothing now, ill let u touch my bike for a second for it :LOL:
  3. Check on ebay or Holden Forum. If its signed with Proof of authenticity then you might get something for it, otherwise probably not worth much than a normal hat (again check ebay)
  4. May come in handy when the toilet paper runs out...... :-w
  5. That's it. Play hard to get. :wink:
  6. We could have a deal, but can we clarify - do I have to touch it with my hand?
  7. :LOL:

    Regardless of what you touch it with Goz will make you wear a glove ;)
  8. ask if you can wear the hat while touching it. :)
  9. thanks for the tip dude - holden forum is probably a very good place to start.
  10. ..and don't forget the condom!! :wink:
  11. ... that's the hat I meant. Do they come in racing red? :p :LOL:
  12. Yeah!!..racing red...and strawberry flavoured too!! :wink:
  13. ...that makes me curious on how he signed it???? :? :LOL:
  14. ..er.....with a kiss???? :shock:
  15. ..and tell me..is the Mark Skaife Hat something like the Fox Hat?? :wink:
  16. :rofl: :rofl: :applause:
  17. Roaster, I've had success with selling motoring memorabilia when an event the 'person' is attending, is on. Authenticity is will help.
  18. Just had a call from my Old man... He was doing a job in clayton and had the truck at the time, was turning left and a red commodore come up beside him to go around him from the wrong lane, and he was forced to push this commodore out wide onto the grass. Apprantly the commodore was flying... No respect for anyone else on the road at all...

    He finally made eye contact with the driver at the next set of lights... It was Mark Skaife :grin: Skaifey gave a wave to say sorry though...
  19. now a signed photo of that would be worth paying for :grin:
  20. +1