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Mark Skaife calls for speed limit to be lifted to 140km/h

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by CamKawa, Jun 13, 2010.

  1. Mark Skaife calls for speed limit to be lifted to 140km/h

    Wow, the the tabloid media have allowed someone to speak a bit of common sense. What is going on here? I'm surprised they haven't shouted him down calling him insensitive to the victims of road trauma or some other BS. I know Mark Webber found himself on the mild end of a blow torch for coming out and stating what Victoria has become.

    Skaife for PM I say. =D>
  2. I have to agree with him there. That sort of move is just self centered.

    This article shows a bit more thought than Webber's comments. He got hammered because he made those comments about Victoria yet he lives in a place that is more heavily regulated with regards to driving than here and he expected celebrities to be treated differently to average road users.
  3. it's about time we had a well respected personality fighting this fight along side us.
    coming from car circles myself (flame suit is on :bolt:) i know i've had the discussion of licensing regulations and driver training more than i can count. but realistically, i vote relaxed penalties for lesser speed infringements over higher limits. i can see it now, they give the nod for higher limits on major roads and infringement penalties skyrocket in proportion
  4. All well and good to drive a brand new holden worth $80,000 at 140 kph fully serviced by a factory mechaninc.

    But it will kill people that havn't got a brain ,that drive their $3000 hunk of junk ,with bald and low pressure tyres ,blow shocks at 140kph ....becuase the sign said I can drive on this road at 140kph.

    He's just trying to get his head on the TV .
  5. I agree with pretty much everything he says. But I already know some of the counter arguments he'd get.

    I think this is exactly right, but it is much cheaper to lower speed limits. Plus, there were some studies in the US that found teenagers who had done advanced driver training had more accidents than those who only did basic learner training. I've heard two different VicRoads people trot this study out as an argument against subsidised advanced motorcycle training. They don't look at the context of the study, or whether it was well designed and statistically sound. They just have that take-home message imprinted on their brains: more training is bad.

    This one is so much more dangerous than speeding. I'd have to say it is my pet peeve. People could be doing 140 kph perfectly safely on most of our freeways - provided there was a big enough gap between cars. But it is never, never policed. I guess it is easier to set up a speed camera than actually pull people over for tailgating. Maybe if they made the fine bigger then it would become financially viable to police it.

    The merging thing bugs me too. In VIC we actually have a law that says the car in front has right of way when merging. Ideally cars should alternate as they merge, no fuss, no muss. But how many of us actually know about this rule? And how many follow it? And if we weren't always as close as possible to the car in front of us, how much easier would merging be?

    Speed doesn't kill. Driver behaviour kills. It is just doesn't look as good on a billboard, and costs more to police.

    Then why not have annual roadworthy tests, like they do in other countries? If your car isn't up to scratch, it shouldn't be on the road. Driving is a privilege, not a right.
  6. That would be the biggest issue. Perhaps that is where he was coming from with suggesting this
    But yeah, when I saw the bit at the end about the show on Channel 7 tonight it sort of made it seem as if he was trying to gain interest in the show.
  7. I propose installation of ferromagnetic accelerator pedals in every car, and the installation of gigantic electromagnets beneath every freeway onramp, so that as soon as a vehicle enters the onramp the accelerator is hammered down to the floor and the car accelerates to freeway speeds as quickly as possible.

    That will eliminate terrified car operators timidly creeping up an onramp at 50kph, causing accidents when there's suddenly a 60kph speed differential between them and the freeway traffic.

    What do you mean this isn't the Flugtag thread?
  8. When I lived in NSW you were required to get a roadworthy annually if your car was > 7 years old. I believe that's still the case?

    (Wifey's observation: Poor factory mechanic, having to service a car travelling at 140 km/h!!!)
  9. piffle I had an 89 camry in Europe, it regularly exceeded that speed for long stretches, never had a problem. servicing is no different, and for most newish cars, your not pulling excessive rev's anyway.
  10. In NSW, pink slip inspection for cars >5 years old now.
  11. NSW has them but there's no evidence that this has lowered the crash rate or road toll. Rather, it seems to be something that the motor industry, eg, VACC here in Victoria, pushes. And no surprises there, either.

    Do we really need yet more bureaucratic processes for something that may not achieve anything?
  12. They are good a Holden ..Skafie will tell ya that.

    Go take your wife out for lunch..;)
  13. Just because you had a car that could deal with it and you were responsible enough to ensure the brakes, tyres, shocks and seatbelts were all in order, does not mean that everyone does. We have all seen the rust buckets out there with various issues. We have also seen drivers out there who don't give a fig for any one else on the road, combine the two and a blow out at speed not only risks the ******** but other people.
  14. When did it change? It was pink slip for cars >3 years only a few years ago.

    I found Skaife's comments in the article quite sensible. Which probably means they will never be implemented. The number of people on the road today who clearly should not have licences is quite scary.
  15. Yes, that is why you offer people incentives to upgrade, etc like they do in Germany.

    Quite frankly, if you are unable or unwilling to maintain your vehicle to an appropriate standard, you should not be on the road.
  16. Increasing speed limits on major Fwys would definitly require strict policing of "Keep Left Unless Overtaking" rule....
    Actually, why don't they get serious about that rule NOW!!!!
    Drives me bunkers.
  18. No, we would need entirely new road rules.

    The speed limit of 110 and having dual lanes is not entirely a recognition of the need to over take but also that some people are simply ****ing shit drivers and can not safely drive at 110, and so they sit at 90 in the left lane.

    We would need a left lane that is restricted to 110 - which would cause people to have to overtake the 90-wankers - and a right lane that has a 'minimum' speed limit of 120 and a maximum of 140.

    But this would change our road rules entirely...
  19. day my comment was in regards to servicing. Thanks your a champ!

    and that system exists in europe smokae, as well as weather dependent speed limits. Both would be good here, impo.
  20. VIC: Mark Skaife calls for speed limit to be lifted to 140km/h

    Didn't see it in this forum (which I thought is the most apt sub forum)

    From http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/ma...lifted-to-140kmh/story-e6frf7jo-1225878944536 (comments at end)

    Very common sense attitude, can't see how politicians would agree of course *cough*