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mario brothers LIVE

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by GOOSH, May 13, 2006.

  1. Brings back old memories.
  2. * runs off to dig out the old super nintendo*
  3. Damn... I want to play on my emulator now.
  4. :woot: That was awesome, now i just need to remember where i put my old NES :)
  5. Very Clever, funny as

    Cheers :cool:
  6. :LOL: the memories... loved it :wink:
  7. still trying to find my old NES....
    i know i have it still somewhere lol
    does anyone remember the game metroid on it??
  8. omg thats fantastic... I used to have a link for an online java version of super mairo's.
  9. What was metroid?? Been so long since the NES days... I'm sure I have a NES stashed away somewhere too :?
  10. What was metroid!!??

    and you call yourself a nerd
    ](*,) :-k
  11. you are a man with long hair or u are a girl in like space suit... hard to say lol
    you have like a gun on ur hand and u could turn into a ball
    and then u could roll around...
    and leave bombs
    was a fun game.... another game that came to mind was megaman...
    castlevania....double dragon...and one of the best shoot them up...
    duck hunt with the gun... .....
    its all flooding back to me lol
  12. Hey I don't call myself a nerd :oops: did a search on Metroid... now I remember it :p
  13. oh god video games were good back then... low rez but tons of game play for hours and hours. NES was great ...

    Now most of my rider\gamer friends are now hooked on WOW. I've lost a few good group riders to that game...
  14. Best gun game I liked was Hogan's Alley... followed by duck hunt of course :wink:
  15. cant say i played that game....