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Marijuana and Driving

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by say_wat, Dec 14, 2010.

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    Anyone guilty of hypothetically indulging in this fine art? I hear it transforms a tedious commute into an adventure of epic proportions, slaying dragons, befriending wookies and romancing princesses.

    Share fun stories.

    (I'm assuming one's state is within a reasonable limit as described in the video.)
    -edit- http://norml.org/index.cfm?Group_ID=5450 "Marijuana and Driving: A Review of the Scientific Evidence"
  2. "i was riding home after this party, every time my speedo needle hit a number, it would fly off the dial and over my shoulder, then i had this little mother***ker pokin his head out from under my fuel tank screaming 'YOU GOIN TOO FAST SLOW DOWN', i was doin 20 kph per hour and it FELT LIKE 200kph" ~ Stoner friend of mine

    dont do drugs and .......... wait i forget, what im drying to say.... i guess is. um
  3. woo 200 post count yahyeah
  4. No, you're thinking of 'shrooms, marijuana would just make you paranoid, slow, & obsessed with your pine tree air freshener hanging from the mirror, as well as shiny things.

  5. Yes, I'm paranoid but am I paranoid enough?
  6. If, as authorities believe, speed is the main factor, it should be compulsory to light up before driving...

  7. Many, many years ago we would (allegedly) spark up before trail riding. Just enjoyable and mellow, but I personally wouldn't be doing it (if I still (allegedly) did it) on the road: a happy attitude and slowed reflexes are not what the Doctor ordered for tangling with oblivious cagers.
  8. I'm off to get some pizza shapes.
  9. I couldn't drive or ride baked, I just get waay to sleepy to fast and my limbs get very heavy.
  10. Rabbito grab me some of these too.
  11. A long time ago, and in another country, I had a "friend" who found that he could corner smoothly when mellowed, rather than thrupenny bitting every corner as he did when straight. Fortunately, he was able to learn from this and start getting a bit smoother when not wasted.

    Oh yeah, and every following car with a roofrack looked like the cops. Hypothetically.
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  13. Friends of mine used to get stoned then go surfing.
    1 drowned.

    Hypothetically speaking - It can slow your reaction times so that when you brake for the red light you end up in the passenger seat of the car you just crashed into.
  14. I've just had a chat with a mate who has smoked daily for a long, long time. There are 2 places he will NOT go when stoned: the site, and the saddle.
  15. I rode my clapped out 250 high, it was a magical journey of epic proportion, what dawned on me a lot during the ride is why the hell was I ridding this silly little bike, I kept riding and riding, went through some country areas, I believe the word "whoa" was used generously.
  16. My god...what are you girly poofs smoking. lol
    I grew up in the 60's and seventies. But the shoite we had then is nothing on the crap they sell now. God good cinsa use to have about an 8% THC. Now it's like 23% in that hydro crap. Drug induced scitzo has increased 5,000 % over the last ten years.
    I might have had it once. And my wife was driving home. I fair dinkum thought she was doing like 160. I went off my nut at her. She was doing 60. The speed limit. ooops. Yes I appologized profusely and then laughed all the way home. Still had my foot planted on the phantom brake pedal all the way.

    It really is not good. Your reflex's are shot to bits. Night vision ha ha what night vision. The first car to come at you from the other direction at night will blind you. Your inner balance will be stuffed. And you will blame the front wheel washing out when in reality you just fell over.
    And now if you have a bingle you can bet your left nut they will swab you if you don't blow the bag.
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  18. Personally I'd see mandatory weekend detention for any person caught driving under the influence of marijuana/THC and similar illicit drugs. It's far worse than alcohol. Clear indicator of your value to the genetic pool if you support the use of an immeasurable, widely variable inhibitor that has different effects on all persons, whilst driving. (Grammar bah)
  19. I don't think anyone here is condoning it.
  20. Problem is I've run into plenty of folks that support its use whilst driving, usually beating the "but alcohol is a drug and it hurts more people than marijuana". Yes hello:

    1) Marijuana is not widely available
    2) Alcohol is reasonably static in its effects
    3) Alcohol can be measured reliably and so too can its effects on driving
    4) Alcohol does not turn kids into pink dragons that you need to run over to earn extra shinies.