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Marge , MARGE ! the rains are coming

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by VTRBob, Jun 8, 2005.

  1. Max 21

    Suburban Temperatures

    Laverton Max 21 Yarra Glen Max 20
    Tullamarine Max 20 Mt Dandenong Max 16
    Watsonia Max 21 Scoresby Max 20
    Frankston Max 19 Geelong Max 20

    Cloudy. A little rain. Min 13 Max 18

    Rain at times. Min 10 Max 17

    Rain at times. Min 9 Max 17

    Trend for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday

    Showers. Mild.

    Hmm might put a dampner on me riding this comming w/end :?
    Dry weather tyres are great in the dry but on wet roads,
    there a toss up between fun and real excitment

    :LOL: :twisted: :LOL:
  2. Rain at times means absolutely nothing.

    Hell, I remember the Halls Gap ride, VERY heavy rain and PLENTY of fun.

  3. Sissie ? SISSIE ?! oh i'll give you sissie , Im going to keep my Tackle all to myself now! not going to let you play with it on the big july run ........... sissie am i ?

    :LOL: :LOL: :p :LOL: :LOL:
  4. I'm sorry Bob, PLEASE let me play with your tackle...... :D
  5. Hey, does that mean that because I attended that Halls Gap ride in that REVOLTING WEATHER, and I survived that I'm not a sissie???

    Ah damnit, who'm I tryin to kid.... I know the truth.
  6. no Karren you and your puppys are not sissies after that run ! :)

    mmmmm puppies nice to snuggle up too
    :LOL: :twisted: :LOL:
  7. Love the rain........ 8)

    :shock: :x :shock: :x :cry:
  8. They're lethal... I've seen and been involved in more m/c accidents due to wet tram tracks than anything else.
  9. dan, your from surfers paradise, I'm only new to riding, i've heard about mt glorious etc, but where does everyone go to hang out. spit?
  10. dunno really, haven't been up to glorious yet... I hang around springbrook/beechmont/natural bridge mostly, not far from me, fantastic selection of roads and a few good places to hang around too. The main street of Canungra on a Sat/Sun morning is bike central - popular breakfast spot... Sports bike riders generally stay away from the coast roads, they prefer the twisty stuff in the hills, but the boulevardes are popular with cruiser riders and harley riders.
  11. cheers, if i ever end up getting this bike might see you one day.
  12. Hey you Melbourne folk, can you send some rain up to New South, PLEASE, riding or no riding, we need it desperately?
  13. Send a stamped self adress envelope... :LOL:
  14. Done..I was in Goulburn on the weekend, couldn't believe your reservoirs are at 7%!!!!!!!!!!!!! Meant we had to group shower.. all 10 of us nurses :wink: :p :D
  15. Mmmmmmmmm group showers mmmmmmmmmmnurses

    (fall over drooling uncontrollably)
  16. Now that is a very pleasant thought you just put into my head, 10 nurses all in a shower together. Atleast one good thing has come out of this bloody water crisis us New south welshman are having.

    If you think 7% is bad you go and see Blowring at Tumut. I was there recently and they are at 4%!!!!!! We were in a boat at the bottom of the retaining wall that borders the road and it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO far up above us. The dam is now like a muddy pool.

    Josh =0)

    P.S. if you are ever up Wollongong way feel free to group shower at my place :p
  17. Why didn't I ever consider nursing as a career option :p
  18. there's suppoed to be rain up here this weekend:

    Fine. NW/NE winds.
    Min: 11C Max: 21C

    Increasing cloud. Possible late light rain. NW/NE winds.
    Min: 12C Max: 22C

    Sunday, Monday and Tuesday
    Occasional rain periods.

    mmm... slippery roads :?
  19. PERFECT weather!!!! Come on weekend
  20. Problem with Melbourne and Victoria in general is that it is cold.......just not wet.....

    yes you freeze in the moring but you don't need your wet weather gear