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marcquez to honda

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by enigma--, Jul 12, 2012.

  1. Just saw that.
    He's only 20 FFs!
    Hell do well I reckon.
  2. when they announced the dropping of the Rookie Rule last week it was obvious this was going to happen, surprised by how soon, though...
  3. Lucky the "rookie rule" wasn't around for Ago or Hennen or Roberts or Spencer or Lawson or Rainey or Doohan :)
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  4. I never liked the rule, but I don't like how it was removed either.
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  5. none of those guys were rookies when they started riding in GPs though; Roberts was a seasoned veteran of the AMA circuit and won the 500 title in his first year; Pedrobot has been there 6 years and will never win the title and Marquez certainly won't win the title in his first year.
  6. With Stoner not in the field Marquez has a good chance of winning the title in his rookie season. As close as Moto2 is he wins more than his fair share.
  7. Agreed Marquez has a good chance of REALLY impressing in his first year I reckon.

    Also agree with Deadsy that it sucks the way rules are changed to suit the Spanish run, Spanish-centric championships.
  8. The rookie rule gave no concessions to you even if you were a seasoned pro in other classes with 15 years racing experience AFAIK

    You are classed as a rookie because it's your first season in MotoGP
  9. I understand that, but the I was replying to bazz's post that there was no rookie rule back in the old days. In retrospect I think I mis-read his intention; I think he meant that guys went straight to the premier class and it didn't disadvantage them, or other competitors, and I agree with that.

    But it IS pretty obvious that the Spanish tail is wagging the MotoGP dog......
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