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Marcos Ambrose: Standing Out

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ljiljan, Jul 26, 2009.

  1. The voice over sounds like its recorded each individual word and then put them all together. Very disjointed.

    I really dont understand how americans find nascar so exciting. V8's is even lacking in excitement and that has right corners as well as left. Nascar has decent crashes but v8s have them as well.

    "the pay cheque is coming in the door, but for me its not about that." Of course not Marcos.
  2. oi, dont hassle v8's :) love it, cant wait for homebush round
  3. +1 :grin:
  4. a link, perhaps, lilley???
  5. channel 1, right now, for the next 5 min
  6. see ya there :)
  7. Only if you are with Holden otherwise :p
  8. sorry, mate, I thought you were flagging a youtube or sumthing :)
  9. maaaaate, holden is where its at
  10. no problem
  11. ... usually behind the Fords for the last few years...
  12. We should have a thing for the homebush race. Maybe a few drinks or something afterwards, you KNOW it's gonna be good out afterwoods.
  13. Its because the have tubbed rwd Camrys !

    /sarcasm off !

  14. So, you don't care that the V8 mob has denied an established track a major event. The ONLY established racetrack now in operation in NSW.

    The more street circuits that we see popping up the fewer events that are held at the established tracks. You know, the ones that hold club level and up events, where the "stars of tomorrow" are born and bred.
  15. Yeah, I might even come watch the race ;)
  16. Oval track racing may have the yawn factor, but they've certainly got their sh!t sorted out and get crowds of up to 200 000 or more. The racing is dead even between the makes, you never here the word parity! I reckon they've got it downpat, V8, Holley carb, steel wheels, all up to driver and car set up. Way too many yellow flags for simple stuff though. And I can also appreciate the skill involved in oval track racing with 40 other blokes, it aint as easy as it looks.

    Dont forget though they have the road racing aswell, seeing a NASCAR turn right is something to be seen! Oh yeah, plus you can make a decent living racing NASCAR, you dont just have to be at the premier level to make a living (unlike in Australia where you pay the bills any level underneath V8 supercars).
  17. im in and i know heaps of others would be also
  18. care factor is 0% for eastern creek, i found it to be boring when i used to go, homebush will be exciting, the roar between those buildings will be insane, hope they run over a few green frogs also :grin:
  19. Ambrose hasn't been doing much standing out of late...
  20. Considering that the U.S. population is approx fifteen times greater than the Australian population, that's not overly impressive.