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Marco Simoncelli Tribute Ride

Discussion in 'VIC' started by kingali, Oct 24, 2011.

  1. Would any one be interested in doing a well organised tribute ride for Marco Simoncelli. I'm happy to organise this, but need suggestions from this community. Let's show that such tragedy will not weaken this strong community, it only unites us more.

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  2. Yes I would be in it .
  3. yeah i'm in.

    this is the first time i've logged into netrider in years cuz, well, i dont really like it but Ali you got my number...

    call me and i'll organise you another 20 bikes no problems
  4. Thanks Joey
    Will let you know. I have also got this on the facebook. Spread the word please.
  5. I'm interested. Depends on prior commitments though.
  6. Hi-Vis yellow arm bands might be a nice touch...
  7. interested as well
  8. Also interested pending prior commitments.
  9. Can I suggest maybe a ride meet and great somewhere, possibly Lygon Street maybe even the Piazza if someone is keen to organise it with the local council.
  10. Interested pending further information
  11. Interested
  12. Definitely interested, but pending commitments
  13. As stated above, definitely interested.
    I think armbands, as stated already, is a great idea.
    Not sure how the 'afro wigs' will be taken by the public, although also a great idea.
    A meetup/ride-thru Lygon St is very fitting, based on the nationality of Marco.
    Please keep us updated of any details, Ali and thanks for the great thought in organising this (y)
  14. I to would be interested, can I suggest a ride down to the island the last place we all sore him and maybe to Pino's in Cowes.

  15. Yep! great idea. =D>

  16. All good idea guys. Keep it coming.
  17. Not sure if this would work.
    In conjunction with the Italian community/location of commemoration ride, could we perhaps see if we can organise a LARGE pic of Simoncelli, set up somewhere (initial thoughts at park area of Lygon St) as a memorial. Each rider that attends can place flowers/bouquet at the foot of the picture, paying our respects to a great hero and ambassador of not only MotoGP, but Italy.
    I am sure our Italian brothers on Lygon would be 1) willing to attend/participate and 2) be supportive of this.
    Other thoughts and ideas ?
  18. Maybe have a look around shops on Lygon st. Most of them are into some sort of motorsports.

    Is it a good idea to ask a few shop owners for the above suggestion?
  19. Anyone local to lygon that can ask?