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Marco Melandri's 08 future.

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by Traviss, Aug 3, 2008.

  1. motogp.com

    Melandri praises Ducati and looks to see out the season
    Friday, 01 August 2008

    In the face of speculation and a difficult first section of the season, Marco Melandri is still intent on riding his remaining seven races with Ducati.

    Marco Melandri has been well aware of the rumours surrounding his future in the Ducati Marlboro team, and has recently addressed them with typical frankness. The former MotoGP World Championship runner-up admitted at Laguna Seca that the choice was in his employers hands as the 2008 season headed into the summer break period, and commented further on the matter in his online diary last week.

    Melandri was honest about the precarious nature of his chances of seeing out the season as a Ducati rider, even mentioning the man relentlessly speculated to be his replacement by name as he wrote that `this week will be decisive for understanding if I will be able to end the year in the Ducati seat –or if (Sete) Gibernau will be there in my place.´ However, his spot appears to be safe at least for the Cardion AB Ceske Republiky later this month, with Ducati MotoGP Project Manager Livio Suppo stating that he was anxious to see both of his regular riders on track at Brno and drawing the positives from Melandri´s practice showings at Laguna Seca.

    `(At the Red Bull U.S. Grand Prix) he showed that he was making a constant effort, just as he did at Sachsenring. He was consistently up with the frontrunners during the practices and warm-up and we're convinced that he has understood how to get the best out of the Desmosedici.´

    With a point to prove and ever-present determination, Melandri´s intentions are clear for the remainder of 2008.

    `I would like to conclude the season here.´ he proclaimed emphatically. `I think that at the last two races I have taken a step forward, and it is possible that we could take another.

    `In any case I would like to thank all of the guys in my team, because the first part of the season was as difficult for them as for me. We always worked well together and never lost control or allowed the relationship to deteriorate. For them to take some satisfaction from our work, I would really like to step up onto the podium at least once

    IMHO he cant get much worse and as a lot of riders seem to do better at the end of the season ( contracts maybe the reason ) maybe he can improve.. :?
  2. As far as I'm concerned, Melandri doesn't have to save face. He's already proven that on a second-string Honda he can win races and be a consistent and exciting fighter in the top 5, and he's in fine company with Capirex in not being able to ride the GP8.

    If he gets back onto a Honda or Yam next year there's every chance he'll get right back into contention.
  3. It will be interesting to see where he ends up next year I hope for his sake he gets a motogp ride ,I cant see him getting a factory ride with Honda as that seems booked up ..Anyone's Guess I suppose. :)
  4. Its weird how Stoner (the riding genius that he is) is the only one that can get any decent results out the the Ducati. Everyone else just seems to struggle with it?

    If it wasn't for Stoners riding brilliance being able to make the Ducati shine, from memory I think Ducati would only have got two or three podium finishes in the past couple of years - and no other wins?

    Stoner Rocks!
  5. He has gone from being remembered as the guy who torched his rear tyre through turn 12 at Phillip Island on the way to a memorable win, to the guy who was a mentally shattered rider and couldn't get the fastest bike on the grid within cooee of he teammate.

    If I was a team owner, I would sign him at all. Off to World SBK I think.
  6. Until somebody else shows that they can ride the GP8 to the front of the pack, I'm not going to write riders off just because they can't get their head around its traction control. His career stats, all on non-factory bikes, tell the story:

    2003: 5th in MotoGP World Championship with Fortuna Yamaha Team (Yamaha)
    2004: 12th in MotoGP World Championship with Fortuna Gauloises Tech 3 (Yamaha)
    2005: 2nd in MotoGP World Championship with MoviStar Honda MotoGP (Honda)
    2006: 4th in MotoGP World Championship with Fortuna Honda (Honda)
    2007: 5th in MotoGP World Championship with Honda Gresini (Honda)

    He's a class rider and a fighter, he'll be back.
  7. I agree. You don't suddenly forget how to be a World Class Motorcycle Racer.
  8. You cant right him off to WSB's after one bad season.. there would be to many riders in wsb if that was the case...