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March Photo Competition - Voting

Discussion in 'Monthly Photo Competition' started by Mouth, Apr 1, 2008.

  1. Ckramer has all the features I reckon!

  2. ricecooker gets my vote :)

    wasn't an easy choice .. bambam was so close, and Ckramer.. well what can I say, very easy on the eyes :wink:
  3. Another vote for Ricecooker from me. Bamm Bamm a close 2nd.
  4. Ricecooker for me too.
  5. Bam Bam gets my vote :)

    (Jeffatav a second... I can so relate to how that chick feels... :-w )
  6. Ricecooker - Mt Selwyn. :!:
  7. ricecooker gets my vote

    ricecooker gets my vote :p
  8. I know I cannot nominate my own photo, but that did so capture the moment of a GREAT effort.

    Ricecookers photo gets my vote
  9. I'd like to vote for:
    1st - Bambam_101.
    2nd - Ricecooker.
    3rd - Ckramer's missus.

  10. Top pic Ricecooker :cool:
  11. My vote goes to Jeffatav - that photo just says so much!

  12. Ricecooker for me. Awesome shot!
  13. Ricecooker for me. Go Mel
  14. Ricecooker!
  15. 1. BamBam_101
    2. Ricecooker
  16. I'd have to go with Ricecooker. Bambam's shot was ruined by the poles in the shot :(

    Otherwise I'd award it to bambam101
  17. So if i chop the poles out, does that mean youll vote for me?? :grin:
  18. my votes with Ricecooker
  19. Depends on what you offer as a bribe :)

    I might be bald, but i'm not cheap :p