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March Photo Competition- Voting

Discussion in 'Monthly Photo Competition' started by FALCON-LORD, Apr 1, 2010.

  1. I'll open up with the Voting seeing as no one else has.

    For Me Assassin’s Daytona 675 Takes it with miles to spare (Not to say there isn't any other good work his is just spectacular)
  2. Yeah, but Smee's shot of Allerton on the Duc get's my 2c.
  3. Assasin gets my vote also, smee's was a good 1 to
  4. .. I like SnOOkered's pic.. the contrast of the coloured bikes and the black & white background looks interesting :)
  5. Out of those I'd vote for assassin's. Although I think it could have benefited from a pin light.
  6. For me, Smee's just takes the edge although there's not a lot to choose between his and Assassin's (although they are quite different).
  7. I liked all the photos but Assassin’s pic of his Daytona 675 gets my vote.
  8. would it be easier to post a poll ?
  9. And the winner is?
  10. not the end of month yet
  11. I like all the ones that were disqualified.