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March Photo Competition- Entries

Discussion in 'Monthly Photo Competition' started by goz, Mar 4, 2010.

  1. Should see some nice shots this month, Autumn time :)

  2. Ill be first ;) ... Ride on the Spur

    EDIT: had to resize it and thought it looked better like this :)
  3. The look in that riders eyes says it all.
    Superbikes weekend

  4. My favourite from the weekend

  5. Awesome shot, Smee.
  6. Loddon Valley Highway...
  7. I wish I had a better camera, but this came up OK:

  8. i'll show u better ones on Sunday :)
  9. Hell yes they do!

    Thats a great pic!
  10. Wow - some really top shots this month!
  11. First post! Nice ride.
  12. unedited.

    thats just past seperation creek on the GOR, in the background is Airey's Inlet lighthouse, aka, "Round the Twist" light house. first time down the GOR on the new steed, mega fun.
  13. good shot mate

  14. Nice L plates on the 'Learner' :p
  15. haha, nah they're the red/green P plates :p
  16. Hey Guys, here is my entry....


    plus a bit of my photoshop work for the logos....
  17. there's some pretty pics this month.

    And Omerta, are you rocking the Geiger avatar?

    here's my contribution.
    Smiley-face burn-outs.
    Micky seems to think it's a typical bogan burn-out, but as you can all see, it's the work of a rare breed of hoon, someone with discerning tastes and immense left-handed creativity.