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March Photo Competition - Entries - Theme = Motorsports - CLOSED

Discussion in 'Monthly Photo Competition' started by goz, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. New month..

    Para won the January comp so he picks this months theme

    (Any motorsport, bikes, cars, F1 etc etc)
    (as chosen by Para)

    So if there are any pics added that is not a Motorsport shot, it will be deleted

    1 photo per person - Photo MUST be taken by you

  2. Well thank you for voting for me.
  3. [​IMG]

    My offering
  4. Nice but the massive watermark destroys the picture
  5. @ Smee it is done via my gallery,have had a to deal with theft a few times.As it is my living,although you have a point have just changed it turning opacity down
  6. My buddies old prod tz 250 that seen a few Motorsport events " back in the day". 8-[
    It blew up on forth lap so no action shots.....
  7. No where near the levels of the other pics, but just to show that old bikes race too, taken at PI Historic meet in January this year.

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  8. Marco Melandri @ Turn 1 on Saturday Morning

  9. Awesome shot cejay
  10. broadford 2010

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  11. I'll have a crack again 8-[

    Photo MUST be taken by you

    Sorry Dave :)

  12. Very impressive Cejay
  13. Come on guys more pics please
  14. Just thought this thread needed some variation, not expecting to win lol

  15. Nice one Sam - Your share car?

    Fun Ha!
  16. [​IMG]

    Greg Hansford, early '80s Easter, Bathurst (mouldy old slide scan)
  17. Yeah, sort of, my mate owns it and I "share" in the work to get it back on the road for the next rally. Fortunately we've only had 3 crashes and 1 written off car in the 8+ years we've been rallying.

    I think what really adds to the photo is the scenery. Mostly the Bega/Eden locals who came out to enjoy the spectacle (I wish there was more)
  18. Ex Alan Jones F1 car

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