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[March 23-25, 2012] Clearwater Caravan Park – Tintaldra

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Kim Rodger, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. It's on March 23rd 24th and 25th staying at Tintaldra with our hosts Rick and Ailsa at the caravan park as a base both nights so as not having to carry our gear for the Saturday ride through the snowies (route to be decided just re-discovered a couple of roads)then back to the park for a fantastic spit roast and drinks and openfire if required

    Cost of 2 nights accommadation,Dinner and Breakfast for both nights is $130.00 inclusive
    Soft drinks (coke and Lemonade supplied Byo spirits or purchase at the Pub accross the Paddock
    We have riders from NSW VIC and ACT on this ride many of which have been attending since it's launch in 2007

    Melbourne crew will be meeting at Beechworth Bakery at 8.00am for 8.30am we will travel via the black spur and on to Mansfield for fuel then through to Whitfield and Myrtleford fuel again then the real fun begins with several options of great roads depending on how we are travelling for time to arrive at Tintaldra by 5.30pm.

    There will be the usual suspects, a friendly bunch but no one bites

    All Welcome come and have some FUN

    BANKING DETAILS WILL BE PM'D to those who have currently committed.
    Please ensure you reference your payment as follows:
    Username Tintaldra12

    We are looking forward to this, so see you there
    Kimmie & Bubba

    Bubba + Kim Ingram
    Karl + Kimmie - PAID
    Motormouse + Adrian
    Sir Skuffy - PAID
    Conrod - PAID
    Mstevo + Gypsy - PAID
    Yedi - PAID - SINGLE BED FOR SALE $130
    Ree + Crowey - PAID
    Rocket 60 - PAID - SINGLE BED FOR SALE $130
    Deadman - PAID
    Gibbo - PAID
    Sasinsea - PAID
    Leonie + Tony - PAID
    Chrome - PAID
    The Wolf - PAID
    Spenze - PAID
    Koas - PAID
    Browny + Harmony - PAID DOUBLE BED FOR SALE $260
    Carpetbelly - PAID
    Ken Kleen Airsystems - PAID
    Eve + Steve - PAID
  2. I'll be sorting moolah this week! Yay!

  3. No worries.
  4. Glad you got it Kim.

    Banks, Sheesh, They crap me off chronically.

  5. Paid Kim,
    Both Harmony and I as previously posted.

  6. Done!!! Its appenin...it's appenin!!

    Tis all,

  7. Got it mate.
  8. Hasn't hit the account yet Cam, will check again tomorrow.
    Soon as I see you'll be marked off.
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  9. Got it Cam - your bed is booked matey.
    Looking forward to meeting you.

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  10. Since I am on the Reserves bench - when might I see the bank details :)
  11. Woo Hoo, looking forward to this.

    I heard a rumour they had installed special massaging chairs just for the bike riders they have stay with them.

  12. Good to see you're still excited Sasinsea.
  13. Hey Kimmie, Take Heather off the list please, After this weeks 2000 Klm, Sojurn, through the Snowys.

    She has stated that she cant handle the Tintadra run, Two many Klm's in too few days,

    So she wont be going under any circumstances,

    But I will be there with Bells on my Fingers and Rings on my Toes,

    I love those roads on my own, Pulling up 170 Kg's, Two up, on a Bird, is a bit of a handfull.
  14. Hi Kim, do we need to bring bedding, food, towels etc?

    A list of suggested items to bring from someone who has done this last year would be great
  15. No you don't need to bring anything with you except your clothes and alcohol. There will be a limited amount coke & lemonade available but once that runs out we have to get our own. The closest town is Corryong for any supplies but if you just want a couple of beers you can get them from the Pub in Tintaldra.

    We get lunch along the way during the day wherever we are, breakfast and dinner included.

    Will PM you my phone number and you can give me a ring for further details.

  16. Hello Kim.

    For my benefit - what time is dinner going to be serverd/strarted? I plan on arriving at 6:00pm (depending on alot of issues and conditions and route) so wonderinf if that is too late or still early.
  17. Going on past events we don't usually eat til 7:00-7:30 both nights so you should be fine.

    If you're gonna be later send me a text message & I'll make sure we have something out aside for you. PM with number coming your way.

  18. Still a few to pay up it seems. Hope all can make it.
    Sir Skuff, heard all about your shenanigans in Tassie through Vic!
    Can't wait!

    Tis all,
  19. For those that are on the list that haven't sent in you $$ please send ASAP or if you are unable to attend please let me know ASAP.

    Thank you
  20. That's why you need a cutoff date. Anyone not having paid by that date misses out and those on the reserve list get asked next.