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March 14th. Tom Birdsey.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mouth, Mar 14, 2013.

  1. Just saying ;)

    Hope you all have a great day too :)
    • BS BS x 1
  2. I will be getting one :(
  3. sad face? will some mean girl not take "no" for an answer?
  4. Means i will only be getting one of the options for today.
  5. looks like comprehension will not be my strong suit today :(
  6. it is ok, March the 14th does not require ladies to have the best comprehension skills.
  7. I cant stand steak :(
  8. That is ok, you do not have to eat steak today.
  9. Enjoy, train commuters.
  10. I might just back out of this thread and pretend I never saw it
  11. How about "sausage"?
  12. Better go to the butcher on the way home.
  13. Well I have to admit that I dont mind a good pork.
  14. I like meat, but it has to be tender.
  15. Today's the day that meats allowed to be a bit harder and with more gristle.
  16. GRISTLE??? What is going on in your pants Rob?
  17. He's thinking about the wrong head. :p
  18. .....after Jalapeno Poppers & Rim Job Day proved unpopular
  19. Well thats the Steak all done, now its off to the shower to 'tidy' up for desert :whistle:
  20. Is that a freudian slip (desert instead of dessert) or do we know have an insight into the life of @VTRBob ?