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N/A | National Marc Marquez the New King of MotoGP?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Justin Stacks, Aug 21, 2013.

  1. #1 Justin Stacks, Aug 21, 2013
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2013
    The kid has a really good chance to win the championship, in his rookie year no less!

    71415_10200273268089909_1182928561_n. 69612_564436423566812_1022506935_n.

  2. amazing, they'll start bringing out shoulder sliders soon
  3. Number 1 on an Aussie flag? I don't think that's marquez.
  4. Haha...you're right. Picked the wrong jpeg.

    Fixed it.

  5. Bugger, missed that! The kid's dynamite, good luck to him.

    I may go into the roller skate armband business, apparently it's all the rage with the kids these days
  6. I did this with a mate that loves moto gp for any one that is bored and wants to heat some MM chit chat

  7. Not much buzz around moto gp on here atm but buddy greg and I did a rough vid about casey stoner on the same channel as that last vid (if anyone is bored and has 12 mins to kill).
  8. He's frigging awesome. How good was the lorenzo, marquez, pedrosa battle on the weekend? I can't help but wonder if stoner came back next year would it be a four way battle?
  9. Marquez was amazing considering he dislocated his shoulder earlier in the day, declared fit to race & finishing second in a tight battle!

    He's beating all kinds of records, he's a legend in the making and we get to watch it happen.
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  10. the silverstone race was classic, gp at its finest. i was literally squirming on the edge of my seat yelling at the TV when marquez and lorenzo were battling.

    the kid is just scary

    the yamaha is getting a new gearbox and hopefully jorge can remain competitive, but marky marc is a freak.

    if you keep an eye on moto3 his little bro Alex is coming up too, and they say he might even be better than Marc
  11. The new generation of alien has landed.
    Marcy-Marc is truly a freak of nature, and this makes for some awesome racing.
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  12. i can't believe how easily he has taken it to jorge
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  13. He really impresses me. Even Jorge was average in his first year (great but a lot of crashes), where as Marquez is kicking ass from day one.

    I think in a year or two he'll be boring to watch - he'll be miles ahead of the pack and the exciting racing will be watching the battles for 2nd and 3rd!
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  14. it is now almost a matter of whether or not he will crash and be injured, and miss races, like dani and jorge.
    if he stays on the bike hes a good chance of taking the cup.

    why racing is good, it can all change in a heartbeat!

    bastard alien
  15. Marc Marquez: the New King of MotoGP? Nuh...

    It ain't new
  16. If im not mistaken , Jean Phillipe Ruggia ?
  17. Nicely picked up! I was thinking Sarron, but it just didn't gel. Should have looked at other classes.
  18. I like Marquez but even if he wins the championship this year it doesn't make him the 'king'. He will have to earn that over time. Lorenzo, 'the metronome', is only just getting to that status....

    Kobo :cool:
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  19. should start calling Rossi "The Nurse",

    he only got third cause Pedrosa crashed at Aragon...

    I still wish he gets back to being "The Doctor"

    Considering how good the competion in Moto2 is & they are all Spaniards there will be more Marquez's coming through