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Marathons, fun runs, and all that crap: WHY IN THE CITY?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by grue, Jan 26, 2010.

  1. Today I had to detour for a parade or a march or something equally lame, but I can understand why those are in the CBD, and at least they're infrequent.

    My real hatred is for the Run For The Kids crap, or the Run For Your Fat Ass To Stop Jiggling, or Run Because I'll Beat Your Ass If You Stop. WHY do they have to do these on major roads in high-traffic areas and screw up the commute of plenty of people? There are plenty of roads that can be blocked off without inconveniencing THOUSANDS of people.

    Am I the only person driven to madness by this?


  2. hahahahahah hahahahahah I spat up my coffee through my nose reading that
  3. Yeah, wants wrong with these people who are trying to help and support those less fortunate.
  4. Can't they help and support those less fortunate by running somewhere like, say, Frankston?
  5. I aim to please :D
  6. Guess who got a knock back this morning...
  7. dude, its Australia day, a NON working day so the city is supposed to do these events to bring the crowds, wheres your spirit mate
  8. I have no idea...

    I don't really care...

    I don't live in the city...

    Sucks to be you :cheeky:
  9. They do, its called Run for your Life.
  10. One presumes you also show the same dislike for charity motorcycle rides such as the Toy Runs in pretty much every city in Australia

    'n the Canteen rides,

    'n all the other several-hundred-bikes-and-trucks-hogging-the-road parades?

    Or the funeral for Davo (Far Rider #1), where we had a police escort for an honour guard of more than 100 bikes.
  11. If they're making it hard for thousands of people to get to work? Yes. However, in my experience those sort of things hold up traffic at best for a few minutes as they pass by, it's not a totally closed road because a bunch of people are jogging (or more often walking) down it.
  12. It's theoretically a non-working day, but plenty of people still have to work.

    HOWEVER, like I said: Stuff like this I can understand, and holidays are infrequent enough so it's not a big deal and of course you know they're coming up.

    My problem is all the stupid runs and marathons that there's usually no advance warning of, so you leave at the normal time to make your normal ride to work, only to get halfway there and find that they've closed off the rest of your route.

  13. :rofl: Well played!
  14. I do get annoyed about some of these events, like that run across the Harbour Bridge and the City to Surf thing - do we really need to block the major arteries of the city? Did we not spend billions of dollars on the Olympic complex in Homebush fairly recently? All the amenities should be there - why not use it for running and leave city streets for the traffic?

  15. POST OF THE WEEK :rofl:

  16. I'll second that =D>
  17. Well aren't we a miserable whiney little thing.

    Your probably fat and unfit too...
  18. So for what.... three, maybe four Sundays out of the whole year that they run a marathon for half a day you want to have a whinge? They get publicised for weeks, even months in advance. Part of the reason for it is the experience... how many people ever get to run around the MCG etc? Seems to work well enough in cities far larger than ours as well... New York Marathon anyone? We better stop all public rallies, parades, Around the Bay ride etc etc because you had to take a different route to work. AFAIK it wasn't a run today either.
  19. Like most people who work a desk job, I could stand to lose a few pounds that I could drop if I was willing to spend the time. However, I was a two-sport athlete at university in the US, so I know a few things about fitness. :) Oddly, we never had to shut down the city to keep in shape.
  20. Where do they get publicized? Sure as hell not on St Kilda Road.