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[Mar 9, 2014] "Younger riders ride?" ride/meet & greet

Discussion in 'VIC' started by LangenBear, Mar 5, 2014.

  1. #1 LangenBear, Mar 5, 2014
    Last edited: Mar 7, 2014
    It's happening guys,

    For those of you who don't yet know, we're trying to get all of the under 25 netriders in one place so we can have a bit of a get to know you and hopefully make friends.

    The meet location is the BP on the corner of the Western Port Highway and Thompsons Road Cranbourne,
    At 9:30 for a 10:00 start, Sunday morning.

    I've planned for a sortish Dandenongs jaunt, with room for a couple of laps of the Mountain Highway out of Sassafras and stopping for a photo opportunity at Kalorama. Then we'll see what the group feels like from there.

    Being our first outing we'll keep the initial ride at level 2-3, I'm happy to discuss an onward journey for anyone looking for a more serious ride after we get where we're going.

    See you there guys! I'd love for this to become a regular thing.

    Edit: fixed meet location
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  2. see you then! I'm sure you are a nice guy but I hope a few more poke their heads in too!
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  3. Thanks mate, so do I.
  4. Don't forget this is a Netrider thing so there must be at least one crash or it's not legit.
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  5. Haha Ideally the 'christening' won't happen until a day I'm not there
  6. Jokes aside, some basic things that will assist a smooth trip.
    • Let everyone know where the next stop is.
    • Confirm the number of riders before heading off initially and at each stop
    • No one leaves the group without telling another rider
    • If you're heading out into the back of bumfcuk have the number of a recovery company
    • Cable ties, gaffer tape, puncture repair kits are your friend
    Most importantly - have fun.
  7. If I somehow get my bike back by then I'll be coming along but looks like my r1 has just dropped two Valves so don't think i'll be riding for quite a while...
  8. I won't be on what looks to be a nice little ride, other than being an "Oldie" I'll be doing the Choccy Ride.
    But I reckon people will be hard pressed to find a BP here
    Never seen one on that corner :whistle:

    Reckon you might find one on the Westernport Hwy corner though;)

    Good luck with the ride, hope you get a few more takers....:)

  9. Whoops, you'd be quite right there @Ron-C@Ron-C , thanks mate. Sorry about that guys, it's been fixed, that would have been an interesting start to the ride.
  10. Hey guys, just wondering, how many people are gonna go tomorrow?
  11. I'm not.....I'm too old lol
  12. Three at the moment, four if you come @Mattyz03@Mattyz03
  13. You had your days buddy!

    Sure, I'll definitely try to come down. Can you pm me your number in case I cant?
  14. I'd like to thank everyone that came today, it was a pleasure meeting you all. I'd like to extend an even bigger thank you to Jake for his help and Jimmy for being TEC. I look forward to the next time we ride.
  15. Thanks for setting it up other Jake, (LangenBear). It was an interesting day to say the least.
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  16. Thanks for the fun albeit short ride guys! Nice to meet you all and look forward to more rides with you.
  17. Im in the north if i had of seen this definitely would of been on it, aw.. i just turned 26, can i still play next time?
  18. Yeah, of course. I don't think there's really enough of us to leave anyone out
  19. :( Oh just once there is, I'll just get cut then.. no worries..
  20. Anyone up for round 2?