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[Mar 7, 2015] NSW Feeder- The Second Not Very Annual Netrider Multi... (Jindabyne)

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by cjvfr, Feb 9, 2015.

Call for NSW Riders - The Second Not Very Annual Netrider Multi...
Start Date: Mar 7, 2015 08:00
End Date: Mar 10, 2015 08:00
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +11:00 AEDT


Posted By: cjvfr

Confirmed Attendees: 7
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  1. #1 cjvfr, Feb 9, 2015
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2015
    Calling all NSW riders ---- Calling All NSW Riders --- Calling All NSW Riders

    Many moons ago in the far distant past, lost in the legends of Netrider mythology a great meeting was performed at the spiritual site of Jindabyne NSW. It was intended that these become regular gatherings but alas that was not to be. Now thrust from the mists of time comes another such 3 day gathering.

    Day 1: Ride to Jindabyne.
    Day 2: Ride the great roads of the area.
    Day 3: Say goodbye and ride home.

    All Netriders or friends of Netriders are welcome. Learners will be welcomed and celebrated. Accommodation has been sourced and a booking link for beds is shown below.

    The Monday 9th of this three day event is
    • A holiday in Victoria - Labour Day
    • A holiday in South Australia - Adelaide Cup Day.
    • Not a holiday in NSW, :( Go and nag your boss for a day off.
    • Not double demerits.
    You know you have always wanted to see how Hot, Sultry or Alluring your fellow Netriders are, or Not. You have dreamed of sampling the fantastic roads of the border area. Have a laugh, ride, yack, ride, yack some more. All this could be yours!

    Feeder Rides from participating States will be posted in due course.


    So a range of prices for you to take your pick from. All prices include:
    • Dinner Saturday Night
    • Buffet Breakfast Sunday Morning
    • BBQ Dinner Sunday Night
    • Buffet Breakfast Monday Morning
    • Two nights accommodation, Linen towels etc supplied.
    The budget rooms are a per bed price. The other rooms are paid for per room. So if you have a group you can take a room and split the cost or you can live in isolated opulence and pay the full room price. In the budget room you are only up for your per bed price. Hope that makes sense. :)
    • Budget Room - $115/person (5 share room)
    • Three Bed Rooms - $350/room.
    • Four Bed Rooms - $440/room.
    • Single Bed Rooms - $215/room.
    • Double Bed Rooms - $260/room.
    • Twin Single Rooms - $260/room.
  2. Hi Chris
    I'm all ready for this one, and if anyone wants to ride down with me, this is the route I am taking
    I've booked in at the Lodge I mentioned to you earlier :)
  3. Ok, are you going to come across for meals?
  4. of course, getting together is the whole idea of the weekend, eh, but I'm on a strict budget so I was able to get a single room with a double bed and bathroom very cheaply so I did.....
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  5. Ok, I hope we can rustle up some more NSW riders. we have SimighSimigh is confirmed, only one I know of so far.
  6. Well if people want to ride with me, I'm happy to take on the role of ride leader, it's over 500kms over more interesting roads than the usual route to Jindy, and I know people would enjoy it!
    I do hope people have been getting their long-distance riding skills (and posteriors!) ready for this adventure!

    Where is the main group's hotel in relation to 13 Cobbodah Street, Jindabyne???
  7. About 10k out of town on the lake
  8. Ah, I know that place, thanks!
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  9. Are there any chicks going?
  10. At the moment I think that ExportswedeExportswede is the only representative of the fairer sex. -Bee--Bee- has had to drop out of the event unfortunately and Ness_Ness_ had expressed an interest but hasn't posted in a while. BertyBerty is listed as a maybe.
  11. im going
    and ill bring some wasps
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  12. Looks like ExportswedeExportswede went from a yes to a maybe, so could just be a guy's weekend away if the trend continues.
  13. I think it already is.
  14. It's hard to get them to ride past Homebush up here Chris. Not at all like it used to be.
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  15. Fair? Wow.
  16. Uncle GregUncle Greg, I thought you preferred bees...? I'll bring you the plug you requested...

    Ok, I will go.
  17. I will be a definite for the next one. Maldives in March trumps Jindy but only just!
  18. Oh well you are excused then. ;) Going to try and make it an annual so 2016 would be 12th, 13th,14th March. Pencil it in your diary. :)
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  19. Done will put in roster request now! Might be a quite a ride as I will likely be at Lismore Hospital...lol...have to con a cane toad or two to come along!:p
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