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[Mar 29, 2015] A Sunday ride (McDonald's Bonnyrig NSW)

Discussion in 'NSW' started by Senator17, Mar 26, 2015.

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A Sunday ride
McDonald's Bonnyrig NSW
Confirmed Attendees: 3
Posted By: Senator17
Start Date: Mar 29, 2015 08:00
End Date: Mar 29, 2015 14:00
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +11:00 AEDT
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  1. Anyone wont to get together for a ride on Sunday? I don't have a destination in mind yet so open to suggestions.

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  2. Possibly mate. I was planning on doing a weekender but work might get in the way. I'll let you know on Friday night either way.
  3. Depends on the ride details, weather, Formula 1 as well as MotoGP tv schedules and last minute Wife Veto power. Used up all my points last weekend on our 'wet' ride to Scarborough Hotel with Womble
  4. George please don't tell me watching TV stops you from going for a ride, but
    wife I sorta understand.
  5. What you won't be glued to the tele watching the election results trickle in...my favourite part of being a democracy...esp the postal votes! ;)
  6. Haha riveting stuff! Might have to change my plans.......

    Depends on the combination of factors mentioned. Shitty weather for ride, good telly- telly wins.

    Also not mentioned is The Guilt Factor. Flying into Sydney late Friday and departing again very early Monday morning. Can't wait to upgrade later this year so that me and The Wife can go riding together. Avoids all this Veto and Guilt matters.
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  7. Now that I have finally got the tar, dirt and other sundry detritus collected on last Saturday's wet weather adventure off the scoot - I might be up for getting it dirty again ;-) as to destinations - will think about that - was considering a jaunt up Bells and on to Lithgow - but was going to leave Moorebank by about 7.30 to avoid all the moronic Sunday drivers
  8. McD's McGraths - Bilpin - Lithgow - The Lolly Bug - Katoomba - Richmond - McD McGraths?
  9. Do yourselves a favour if you're going to Lithgow & go that few kms further to the Wolgan Valley resort. One of the best motorcycling roads near Sydney & a photographers dream. I did this ride a couple of weeks ago with lunch at Tarana. http://goo.gl/maps/RJWja
  10. Sounds interesting, Bells line of road is apparently an awesome road to ride on.

    Just getting over a bit of flu, will let you guys know :)
  11. Which day and time were you at the Scarborough, we were there as well.?
  12. This sounds good, I always want to take photo's on rides but never get around to it. Must make more of an effort.
  13. We were there Sunday.. There were about 20 of us that all went to school together reminiscing over good times..

    What do you guys think about the map SnapeySnapey posted? Looks good to me and there are parts of that road I 've never done before.
  14. definitely like the look of it - would be a big day for me on the scoot
  15. If you decide on the Wolgan ride (which I highly recommend) just be aware the United servo on the corner of Wolgan Rd & Castlereagh Hwy don't have premium fuel but the Wallerawang Caltex has 95.
  16. Don't forget to mention the bit into the resort is unsealed! It's easy gravel, but many don't want to dirty or stone chip their toys.
  17. How much of it is Unsealed/dirt road? Is that near the end as you approach the resort?
  18. About 17km give or take from memory. It may all be sealed now, but I doubt it.