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VIC [Mar 25, 2016] Healesville open ride (port melbourne)

Discussion in 'VIC' started by iwantabiggerbike, Feb 23, 2016.

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  1. Healesville Open ride

    Any Netrider is welcome on the ride. You do need to be licenced, and your motorcycle must be in a roadworthy condition. Please make sure that your motorcycle is fuelled up and ready to go.

    · The ride will be heading via toll roads, and freeway, highway and sometimes-bumpy back roads, to Healesville.

    · There are several tight, twisty sections of the road, so please ride at a pace at which you are comfortable.

    · There are designated lead and tail end riders.

    · If you want to overtake the leader, please wait for the if the group at the next turning point.

    · We will be using corner marker system, which will be explained before we set off. In essence, if you are the rider behind the leader, please stop and mark the corner that is indicated to you by the ride leader.

    · If you are a corner marking, please remain marking the corner until the tail rider waves you on.

    · The tail rider will act as a sweeper, and remain at the end of the group.

    · The distance of the ride is about 270km.

    Please ride at your own pace.

    · The pace of the ride will be at or near the speed limit, so it is not a race. We will be stopping at various place to regroup, so do not be too concerned if you lose sight of the main group – we WILL wait for you!

    · If, by some chance you do get completely separated from the group, then head straight to Healesville.

    · Most importantly, enjoy the ride and the company of your fellow Netriders
  2. Hmmmmm, toll roads, no way....
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  3. Due to my wife working night shift on the Thursday night I am not able to lead the ride. Sorry have to cancel the ride.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.