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[Mar 22, 2015] GippsLand Rider's Choice (McDonalds, LillyDale)

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Wheres me Boike, Mar 20, 2015.

  1. Hi Folks.
    Announcing my "Gippsland Riders Choice" which is happening this Sunday March 22nd. Sorry about the late notice. It's about 350km plus commuting.
    Here's the Map.


    A feeder for Western Suburbs riders will be at United Fuel Westgate Bridge (inbound) at 8am. I will be there before 8am fueling up. (BMW R1200RT)
    The main meeting point is McDonalds Lillydale (inbound) at 9am for a Departure between 9.15am and 9.30am.
    Next stop is Kurrumburra Bakery. When? I dunno, whenever we get there. Because I'm a generous bloke, I'm going to shout everyone a Tinker's Breakfast.
    Then it's on to a selection of Gippsland's twistiest roads through the Dairy Farming District. Yup, get a whiff of that Cowshit up your nose. I have done these roads many times and let me tell you, it really is "Riders Choice".
    We will do a "Rest stop" at Kernot, maybe take some photos, before going on to Tooradin Bakery where the ride will end.
    This ride is for Mature, experienced Riders with well maintained bikes. Sorry Begginers, L'ers, P'ers, this ride is not for you.
    This ride is not a fast ride but you are expected to stay in the group at under the speed Limit pace.
    We probably wont do a TEC because of the small numbers expected, due to the late notice.
    You are guaranteed to enjoy this ride very much or your money back.
    Re Tinker's Breakfast, Let me know in advance if you have any dietary needs.
    So, who's in?

  2. So you are not doing the Black Dog Ride? Obviously not.....
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    This might have been a double post....I mean, probably a good ride on a different day.
  4. The event was posted twice, one was deleted but the other remains so the thread has been unlocked.
  5. Might be better if u could delay a week given the black dog ride is on. Good luck with it. Sounds excellent!!
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  6. As above..
  7. Other then the above.. my throttle hand is still broken.

    Being that was the area I lived in for a large amount of years, nice fun roads.
  8. good on you wheres me boike.
    wish i could come along, i love those roads !!!

    have a nice ride, post up another one soon.
  9. Nosoh, Thanks for the Positive Comment.
    I wish you could come along, I'm sure it would be fun.
    Maybe next time.
  10. for sure !
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    The Report.
    It was just myself and Pat Malone on this ride.
    I wanted to take the Hoddle St route to the Eastern Freeway and got caught up in Southbank with all roads closed. You could get in, but getting out was a different story.
    There were a lot if irate drivers shouting at traffic controllers and it was only 7.30am.

    I got to Kurrumburra Bakery at 11.15am and the car park full of Motorcycles from the Sportsbike club and they were just about to leave. I know a few of the riders there, and they were heading towards Fish Creek.
    Time for a few pics.

    Lots of Motorcycles out riding due to the good weather.
    Riding the Gippsland roads is scenery overload, and excellent roads.
    Especially around Glen Alvie, Ryanston Archies Creek and KongWak.
    I got home around 6pm with around 570km for the day.
    I wish I lived closer to Gippy

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