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[Mar 22, 2015] 2015 One Day Black Dog Ride (Vic)

Discussion in 'VIC' started by GreyBM, Feb 6, 2015.

2015 One Day Black Dog Ride
Start Date: Mar 22, 2015 08:00
End Date: Mar 22, 2015 14:00
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +11:00 AEDT

Cardinia Cultural Centre
Cardinia Cultural Centre, Lakeside Boulevard, Pakenham

Posted By: GreyBM

Confirmed Attendees: 40
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  1. #1 GreyBM, Feb 6, 2015
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2015
    On 22 March 2015, rides will be held in each Australian State and Territory to help raise community awareness of depression and suicide prevention and to help reduce the stigma associated with mental problems. Cost of the ride is $27.50 for riders and $12.00 for pillions with money raised from registration going to various charities which assist with mental health issues and suicide. Last year over 7.000 participants joined in Australia wide and there will be seven rides in Victoria this year, so check out the BDR website for the nearest Victorian ride to you.

    I will be leading the ride catering for the Melbourne metropolitan area which will start from Cardinia Cultural Centre, Lakeside Bouldvard, Pakenham at 10:00 am . The money raised from this ride will go to Lifeline to assist in its fantastic work preventing suicide, mainly through its emergency telephone counselling service .These guys are real heroes. Pakenham is only a short ride from Melbourne, about 40 minutes via the Monash Fwy. The ride will be preceded by check-in/registration, and breakfast provided at moderate costs by the Pakenham Lions Club from 8: 00 am onwards.

    With possibly more than 300 participants it is best to register online before the event to speed up check-in on the day. And make sure you get there early on the day. You do not want to be number 300 in the check-in queue.

    The ride will finish back at Pakenham at the park opposite the Pakenham Station and will cover around 200 Km probably taking around 3 hours or so riding time, in time for a late lunch, again courtesy of pakenham Lions and again at moderate cost (sorry - there's no such thing as a free lunch).

    Last year the ride attracted around 350 participants and because of this the ride is a relaxed affair rather than a race. The roads will mainly be cruisy with sections of good sweepers and enough twisty bits to keep things interesting. The standard should suit all riders including Learners/New Riders provided they can do the speed limit on the open road and can ride for the required distance and ride within their capabilities. If you are a new rider and haven't ridden this far before, I suggest you do a few of the Sunday Learner rides first.

    This should be a good ride and it is for a great cause, so mark 22 March in your diaries now and go here to register.

    There are several servos in Pakenham and people should start the ride with a full tank of fuel, so fill up before check-in

    There will be no official fuel stop during the ride. However we will be taking a break at Yarra Glen about half way through the ride and for anyone who cannot make the 200 km distance, fuel is available a few hundred metres from this stop. Plenty of servos near near the finish.

    Black Dogs
    Traditionallly bikes on the ride carry Winston a stuffed Blag Dog to help publicize the cause. This is not a requirement but if you want to purchase a Winston you should order through the Black Dog Ride Shop. Winston is very popular and they do run out so if you want one, order early.
    Corner Markers
    Like last year I will need about 20 or so volunteers as corner markers. Corner markers should be aware that they will need to stay on the corner until cleared by TEC and because of the numbers on the ride this may take some time. However corner markers from previous year’s ride reported enjoying the experience of watching so many bikes parade by.

    Feeder Rides
    The start should be easy to find (once I tell you where it is, that is) but in previous years people have volunteered to run feeder rides to the start. If this happens this year I will amend this post to provide details of where they will leave from. If so Please turn up to the feeder ride with a full tank of fuel and on arrival at Pakenham, refill before registering.

    If you are willing to corner mark or lead a feeder ride, please let me know.

    Roweville Feeder Ride
    7/11 corner Wellington and Stud Rds, Roweville
    When: 7:45 am meet for an 8:00 am sharp depart
    Google Map Reference: http://goo.gl/maps/O7sVc
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  2. Maybe ammend the start and end dates mate.
  3. Thanks . Missed the little calendar icons when I posted it up
  4. Hi Dave

    I am in and happy to Corner Mark for you.

    Cheers Jem
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  5. I'm in. I'll corner mark and, if you want, TEC the corner marker group again too (unless someone else wants to do it). I still have last year's Black Dog sign to put on the bike to signal from behind the corner marker group.
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  6. OK, registered and this year's Winston ordered. That makes 4 Winstons I'll have on the bike with me. Might have to arrange some sort of cage. Maybe a converted milk crate??

    Anyone planning on buying a Winston, I strongly recommend you head to the $2 shop and buy a cheap collar and lead. Winston has sucker pads on his feet, but it isn't uncommon for him to part company with the bike. Either a collar/lead, or use your cargo net to hold him on.
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  7. G'day Dave,
    I'm in and willing to corner mark. Actually I can keep an eye on our resident deviot Uncle Greg that way.
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  8. Hi Dave, I would love to be a corner marker again.
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  9. Entered event! Looking forward to my first black dog!
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  10. #10 BitSar, Feb 6, 2015
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2015
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  11. Dave, count me/us in, and happy to corner mark again.
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  12. Oh hey GreyBMGreyBM. Must have missed this! :whistle: Happy to corner mark, and take a group from the Rowville area if uncle Greg will let me!
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  13. Hey GreyBMGreyBM, greg does not think it is on this year, and I have a post to prove it..wanna keep it that way? ;)
  14. He's already RSVP'd above.
  15. I'm in. Happy to corner mark again.
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  16. maybe as a ghost rider...
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  17. MMMTS & I will be there , hands up to corner marker as usual :)
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  18. just don't e brake us this year and alls good
  19. Thanks Greg. I'll keep it in mind...
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  20. I allways mark my corners