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[Mar 21, 2015] St. Ives to the Scarborough Hotel (via the Royal National Park)

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by Womble, Mar 9, 2015.

St. Ives to the Scarborough Hotel (Via the Royal National Park).
Start Date: Mar 21, 2015 09:00
End Date: Mar 21, 2015 15:00
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +11:00 AEDT

Pattisons Pattiserie
3/237 Mona Vale Road
St Ives 2075

Posted By: Womble

Confirmed Attendees: 9
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  3. Just checking I've got this right... You are going to ride for an hour through Sydney to do a half hour ride through natio to Scarby pub and then return?

    Yeh I'll think about it.
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  4. The TARDIS is out of action so I have to ride.
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  5. But what fun to be had in the traffic... making the cagers nervous when they ordinarily might hassle a single rider for "jumping the queue".

    Then there's all that bike admiration and story swapping. A little bit of "did you see that ____?"

    And someone leaving something important behind in the pub or servo.

    Someone taking a wrong turn...

    What's not to love?
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  6. Some guys like rooting men too, which is ok apparently, if that's your thing. But it's still as gay as both of your dads.
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  7. Leaving at 9am? Or start drinking a coffee at 9am?
  8. Coffee at 0900 then leave at 0930 in case of stragglers. Happy to meet up on the way south too.
    The St. Ives start point is due to a few of us living north of the bridge (we normally ride north or west but RNP will make a nice change).
  9. Great. I'll see you then. Hope to join the ride (if I can get out of doing the YMCA pickup -- drop off at 9am, just around the corner from Pattisons).
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  10. will confer with iClintiClint and if we go we will most likely meet you along the way
  11. Interested. Will confirm closer to date
  12. what is the planned route to Sutherland? just thinking of where to join the ride.
  13. Will probably head down to the airport then through Brighton on Grand Parade, over Taren Point bridge, then stay on Taren Point Rd.
    Hook around the back of Sutherland Hospital and join up with President Avenue and onto RNP all the way down to the Scarborough Hotel.

    This was my general commuting route to Wollongong from a couple of years ago that avoided the worst of the traffic.

    Happy to change any of this to suit you as you will know the area better than me.
  14. Unless you want to stop somewhere with toilets, coffee etc. Before heading through the nasho happy to meet in the Loftus Oval Car park (not sure if they have kids sport on in which case it would be packed), or the old park information office car park (First left after the toll booths).

    Alternatively McDonalds Kirawee

    Anyone coming from southwestern Sydney can ride with us from Trooper Lu's / BP Moorebank via Henry Lawson drive and Menai (sick of doing Heathcote rd.) at a time to be decided.

    jalalskijalalski nasho run?
  15. Done the ride from Pyrmont 3 times in the last month and a half. If you hit the city early enough there isn't really any traffic, its like everyone is hung over from the night before.

    I may ride out the St. Ives to meet you there, otherwise somewhere along the way.
  16. I'm out.

    I have a job on at 1 pm in Drummoyne and doubt I can squeeze the ride in before hand.

    PeonyPeony can still make it though
  17. Not sure at this stage. Sounds a bit too short for me starting from Sutherland.
  18. Get up early and go the long way?
  19. I am in
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  20. If weather permitting, and nothing else pressing, I'm in.