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Mar 2016 Competition, $50 prize winner - Pompy

Discussion in 'Monthly Photo Competition' started by Justus, Mar 1, 2016.

  1. As chosen by Feb 2016 competition winner DrSleepyDrSleepy

    Theme: Black & White (Any subject / No colour).


    $50 will be deposited into the winners bank account. Buy yourself something or donate it to charity.

    Thread rules:
    1 photo per person and has to be THEME RELATED.
    * Photo must be taken by you. You may add a comment explaining the photo, location etc.
    * No other posts or comment aside from your entry please. This is to keep to photos in a row down the page so we don't have to scroll through pages looking for photos
    * Competition entries close 6pm Thursday 24 March 2016.

    How do we decide the winner after the month is over?
    After 6pm Thursday 24 March 2016, you will decide by clicking on the thumbs up like button on who you think the winner should be. Please don't click on the thumbs up button till voting begins. To be fair on everyone, if a person wins twice within 6 months, the photo with the second most votes will take the prize.

    Votes will be counted 6pm Thursday 31 March 2016.

    The winner will be contacted via PM by
    [​IMG] goz, [​IMG] Mouth once voting has been completed.

    Thanks (y)

    Please DO NOT like anyone's photo or comment between photos!
  2. Here is my entry. The original photo was almost black and white anyway, but was removed by mods. So here is a photoshopped version to make it black and white: My charity is the Walkaway Volunteer Bushfire Brigade, who saved our property about 10 years ago.

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  3. #3 Bee, Mar 1, 2016
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    Taken at one of my most favourite places : Bright, Victoria.

    2015-09-11 08.06.22 1.
  4. A kingfisher watching and waiting in the cypress outside my window on a cloudy January day.

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  5. Graveyard in Ross Tassie
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  6. I shared this little unit for four months after a high speed off on my bicycle.


    Attached Files:

  7. This is a photo I took when I went to visit the Blue Mountains in NSW. Coming from Melbourne I went up to Darwin then back down the East Coast. Excited to see the Three Sisters I rode up only to find that I could hardly see even 20 meters ahead. To top it off it was drizzling, so I took my goggles off only to have my glasses also fogged up. Despite being unable to get a photo of the Three Sisters I thought I'd still make a photo out of it after coming all the way.

    For more photos and the rest of my trip check this Netrider thread
    250cc 14000km Round Australia

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  8. I see this photo was taken, by me, on the first day of autumn in William Ricketts Sanctuary. To me, the photo shows the darkness hovering above the people, unknowingly what's going to come soon after the first boats landed.

  9. @Yallourn power station Latrobe Valley

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    Old Woman and bicycle - Croatia.
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  11. [​IMG]
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    I call this piece 'the lonely bike.'

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  14. [​IMG]
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  15. Dark Voyage
    2016-03-04 22.48.27.
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  16. Chitwan National Park, Nepal. One of the best but most horrible photos I have ever taken.

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  17. Curiousity of man and the beauty of nature. image.
  18. An empty snail shell and Ash's hands, found on the old train lines in Merbein