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[Mar 20, 2016] Netrider Flag raising feeder runs to Grey Gum Cafe (Berowra, NSW)

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by GeorgeO, Feb 28, 2016.

Netrider Flag raising feeder runs to Grey Gum Cafe
Start Date: Mar 20, 2016 07:00
End Date: Mar 20, 2016 14:00
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +11:00 AEDT

7/11 servo
965-969 Pacific Hwy
Berowra, NSW 2081

Posted By: GeorgeO

Confirmed Attendees: 3
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  1. Hi there

    Want to start of by pointing out that the Black Dog Ride is also scheduled for this day - the Sydney ride being from Penrith to Grey Gum. Please join this ride if you want to support BDR and all it stands for. It'a very good cause.

    For those that do not like big ride groups, myself and DrSleepyDrSleepy are organising two feeder runs into Grey Gum Cafe to join in the festivities there (trade booths, band, raffle tickets etc and plenty of other bike bling) - as well as the long awaited Netrider Flag raising ceremony care of hornethornet

    Initial thinking is one group from Sydney and one from Newcastle meeting up in Cessnock then travelling to Grey Gum via Broke.

    For the Sydney group as follows:

    Meet: 7:00 Berowra 7/11 servo - depart 7:30

    Travel to Cessnock via Peats Ridge and Wollombi - we will meet the DrSleepyDrSleepy group here.10:00 - 10:20
    Travel together through to Grey Gum - arrive around 12:30-13:00

    DrSleepyDrSleepy will still post up details on where the NEwcastle group meets

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  2. Mate, i cant make it!! Just realised i'm in Vic for the F1 then.
  3. Wondering George why you would go to Cessnock only to have to go back through either Wollombi or Broke?
  4. What.......choosing to see Hamilton above me?.....
  5. Meeting up with DrSleepyDrSleepy's group at Cessnock. Might modify the last via Wollombi bit to get there. Have not any sorted the small details out yet. Any suggestions?
  6. I'd suggest the group from Cessnock either come to Wollombi via Wollombi rd through Bellbird, Pelton and into Wollombi, or come to Broke via Pokolbin and the Broke-Cessnock rd.
    It makes no sense for the group travelling up from Sydney to go to Wollombi, then out to Cessnock only to backtrack.
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  7. I'm sorry........... I should have told you sooner there was someone else
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  8. SibiSibi and myself may come, will be deciding closer to the day.

    Also, myself and Andrew's little user link thing you've done George seems to be broken :)
  9. 69SIM69SIM , Andrew WestAndrew West

    There, fixed it!
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  10. Maybe, although I'm a bit discouraged by a) the traffic that will be about and b) the undoubted police presence.
    I don't know if I have it in me to do 10 mile at the speed limit :)
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  11. OK, here are the details for anyone in/around Newcastle who would like to come along:

    Meet Point: Coles Express / Shell Wallsend EAST, Thomas St, Wallsend. (HERE)
    Time: 0800 for an 0830 departure
    Additional Places to Meet: Caltex Cessnock (HERE) around 0915-0930, or Broke (HERE) time TBA.

    We'll be heading to Cessnock and then optionally on to Wollombi to meet the Sydney group, hence the reason for the relatively early departure. Both GeorgeOGeorgeO and myself are expecting there to be a reasonable amount of traffic. There is the Penrith BDR heading up the Putty to Grey Gum, but also the Central Coast BDR heading to Hope Estate for lunch. I'm hoping that these times will be ahead of the big rides and we should be OK. The final route / meetup will depend on the preferences of those who RSVP 'yes'.

    The Newcastle ride will pass the Caltex at Cessnock. Happy to stop if anyone from that part of the Hunter would like to meet us there on the way through. Broke is the last fuel before heading down the Putty. They have Caltex 95, but no 98 if that's what you need.
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  12. I don't know if I've ever done it at the speed limit... :confused:
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  13. I may make it, if i can make time, can't remember the last time i did a netrider ride
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  14. We'll see you in Grey gums Cafe. I'll be joining the Black Dog Ride from Penrith Panther's.
  15. Sorry guys, am gonna have to give this one a miss, as am going to a concert with the wife that day and would like to stay in the "good books" ;)
  16. Hi GeorgeOGeorgeO

    I'm in and there maybe a +1 that might come.

    What's the route?

    Berowra via OPH onto Freeway near Aust Reptile Park, off to Somersby then Central mangrove and Wollombi to Cessnock
    2h (140km)
    Google Maps

    Cessnock via Polkobin and Broke to Blue Gum Cafe
    1h28min (106km)
    Google Maps

    Grey Gum Cafe to Windsor
    1h (86km)
    Google Maps


    Total trip
    4h41min (332km)
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  17. GigittGigitt - glad your going to make it.

    Route to Cessnock slightly different.

    We don't go onto the Highway but follow Peats Ridge Rd through to central mangrove. Also have not finalised the exact meeting point to meet DrSleepyDrSleepy - probably at Broke, but your route seems ok.
  18. There in spirit guys!
    Have a great ride. Doing the Black Canine up here at Port.
  19. Updated route -

    As previous Meet: 7:00 Berowra 7/11 servo - depart 7:30

    Travel to Broke via Peats Ridge and Wollombi - we will meet DrSleepyDrSleepy gang there (around 10:30 ish?)

    Travel together through to Grey Gum - arrive around 12:30-13:00

    route : Google Maps

    A few questions for hornethornet

    - when will the official flag raising be?
    - is there an official Netrider song to be sung then? Or do we just rev our engines in unison?