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VIC [Mar 20, 2016] Black Dog Ride

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Stever42, Feb 19, 2016.

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    Just saw on the BDR website that the info has been added for this years ride.
    Starting from Peter Stephens is going to be fun.

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  2. Black Dog Ride began in 2009 as one man's ride to raise awareness of depression, developing into national suicide prevention charity involving thousands of Australian motorcycle riders who've raised over $2,000,000 for mental health services, fostering mental health awareness around the country. Join us as we ride for awareness.

    Black Dog One day ride details

    VIC 1 Dayer Legs
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  3. It's a great cause, please join in. Wherever you are in Australia you can be part of this. Check the Black Dog Ride website for the ride nearest to you.
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  4. Oh well, looks like Bendigo for me this year!
  5. I'm in. Will book closer to the date though...

  6. I signed up a month or so ago.... When I had a bike.

    Supposed to get my wheels "in about a week".

    Fingers crossed.
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  7. Booked......

    GreyBMGreyBM - What's the go with Marshalling/Corner marking this year?
    I realise you're not running the ride for 2016 - I'm kinda thinking I might just ride and enjoy this year instead of 'being on the clock'.......
  8. So GreyBMGreyBM is not leading and you're not bringing up the rear! Whadda we gonna do? Might get lost or something....
    BitSarBitSar I've emailed about corner marking but have heard nothing so far. I'm with Stever42Stever42, wondering how it will work out starting from PS. Maybe they open the store too?
  9. Don't think they are opening the store, just using the car park at the back. Although may need to provide access to store for use of loos.
  10. I get the feeling this year hasn't been thought through very well.
    Even the eventbrite details are incorrect (stating a 7.30am start down in docklands)
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    I've booked for Bendigo: not impressed with this one so far :(

  12. Look closely: according to Eventbrite it starts in Brisbane!!!

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  13. Hmm.. Might be worthwhile to contact someone and point out the issues..
  14. Go ahead: I'm over trying. It has now become an event that has lost its roots, IMO, and contact with 'middle management' results in a distorted feedback up the chain resulting in shooting the messenger.
  15. Jeebus Batman - I'd better head off now so I can make the start time!
    Good pickup, I glanced at that and assumed it was Lorimer St (or similar)
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  16. Finishes at 1pm in Marysville.
    Hmm. Which spur to take home...

    Either way I better get my tyres scrubbed in on the way to Yea.
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  17. Anyone from the Ballarat area heading across for the Bendigo run?