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NSW [Mar 20, 2016] Black Dog Ride, Netrider Flag Raising (Putty, NSW)

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Feb 4, 2016.

Black Dog Ride, Netrider Flag Raising
Start Date: Mar 20, 2016 09:00
End Date: Mar 20, 2016 11:00
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +11:00 AEDT

Grey Gum Cafe
8679 Putty Rd
Putty, NSW 2330

Posted By: hornet

Confirmed Attendees: 4
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  1. Kim and John are hosting the Black Dog Ride for the Penrith group on the 20th of March.

    The Grey Gum Cafe has many flags around the car park, and one is the Netrider flag. Although it has been there for some time, it has never been officially "raised", so I'm suggesting that as many Netriders as possible attend, to support the Black Dog Ride, and to raise the Netrider flag officially!!
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  2. Great Idea! If we are unable to make the whole ride from Penrith to Grey Gum - do we know what time the flag raising will be at Grey Gum so I can try to be there in my Netrider Tshirt?
  3. Well I can be there any time so let's see what time suits the other people who'd like to be involved??
  4. I'm certainly interested in attending. Just have to check with work etc
  5. I'd be in, pending a check of the work roster.

    I'd probably prefer to come down from the northern end, as its considerably closer to home (and arguably better riding!). Happy to bring any other Hunter / Newcastle NetRiders with me. However, if a group ride from Sydney ends up happening I could be persuaded...
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  6. hornethornet - I'm trying to organise the March Sydney Netrider ride for the 20th and the subsequent flag raising at Grey gum.

    options so far is to do the Black Dog from Penrith to Grey Gum


    A Berowra, Broke, Putty Rd to Grey Gum loop followed by 'The Raising of the Flag'

    Only concern at the moment - won't we be stampeded if all the black dogs arrive?
  7. I'd vote for Sydney -> Broke -> Grey Gum to take in the top end of the Putty. ;)
  8. thought you would. My preferred option as well. I did the pink ribbon ride last year and did not enjoy the massive group ride at all so not keen on doing the Black Dog.
  9. The advertising for the event says that the festivities don't start till midday so everyone should have plenty of time for riding, before and after...
  10. I was planning on doing the Black Dog ride anyway - so will be there along with that crowd. Would love to be there for the NR flag raising! Riding from St George area if anyone doing the Black Dog is riding from or through there to the start.
  11. Hello all. Just joined Netrider because somebody alerted me to this discussion.

    I'm the organiser for the Penrith > Grey Gums Black Dog Ride 1 Dayer on March 20th. Please accept this as my invitation to all Netrider members to join the BDR ride - I'd love to have some or all of you join us, though I totally respect opinions on big rides too..

    We're leaving Penrith at 10:0Oam and expect to be Grey Gums around midday. Early registrations at 2016 Penrith NSW 1 Dayer have been much stronger than prior years so if you plan on riding from Penrith, I ask that you get in quick. Funds raised are going to Lifeline Western Sydney mental Health Care programs.

    Once at Grey Gums we are doing an official BDR flag raise ceremony , Kim is putting on a band, there'll be a small trade show and a show & shine, Charity auction - all for Lifeline as BDR penrith 1-Dayer's nominated charity.

    Please come along and join the fun.

    Heads up: Daz is taking the BDR 1-Dayer on the Central Coast leaving from Bateau Bay and heading to Cessnock - same day, same times... expect heavier than usual bike traffic in Wollombi, Broke, Cessnock areas throughout the day also..

  12. Welcome to the forum mvdavemvdave - please head on over to the welcome thread and introduce yourself.

    Were you at the Sydney MV Club meeting a few weeks ago at Pits?
  13. Thanks for swinging by, Dave, I look forward to meeting you on the day.

  14. 'fraid I missed it George. I'm in their FB group. but was away that weekend....
  15. I'll be doing the one dayer from Panthers. I did it last year and enjoyed it despite a little bit of rain.

    I expected a raffle or some other way to help raise extra funds for lifeline but there wasn't one. The registration is very cheap and I was happy to pay it but I'd like to raise a bit more money with a chance of winning something. Maybe a set of bike gloves or a voucher to mcas or something? The auction for the stunt riders helmet was a bit too exxy for me.
  16. Where in the Hunter are you located? I'm keen on attending, just don't want to rock up alone lol
  17. I'm in Newcastle. More than welcome to tag along.
  18. Sweet I'm on the way in Cessnock
  19. Very good. I usually stop to top-off the tank in Cessnock before doing the Putty, so works for me.

  20. Peachy?