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[Mar 17, 2013] Melbourne Crash Course for the Motorcyclist (Caulfield South Victoria)

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ploz58, Jan 30, 2013.

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Melbourne Crash Course for the Motorcyclist
Start Date: Mar 17, 2013 08:00
End Date: Mar 17, 2013 16:00
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +11:00 AEDT

Upstairs, London Tavern
414 Hawthorn rd
Caulfield South Victoria 3162

Posted By: ploz58

Confirmed Attendees: 3
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  1. Accident Scene Management Australia in association with the TAC, will be running funded "Crash Courses for the Motorcyclist" in Melbourne on Saturday March 17th 2013.
    The funded crash course costs participants $33.00 and includes the Austalian Apply First Aid Certificate.
    Places are limited, and bookings can be made on the ASMA website, www.asma.org.au

  2. For the benefit of all .Could you spell out what is the involvement of the TAC in this ?

    thank you
  3. There are a group of us already booked in for this course Mainstage See THIS thread. My understanding is that the TAC involvement is that they have sponsored 100 positions so it is a chance to get some of your TAC money back. :)

    ASMA is a not for profit organisation with no affiliation with any Government group as far as I know.
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  4. TAC means fcuk right off. Until they legitimately change then do not participate in anything they offer. Learn from their underhanded mess and don't assist them. fcukers
  5. Your opinion smee in this case I assess it as little harm. I and other participants come out with a useful skill that may help save a fellow riders life one day. In the end its our money the TAC are sitting on and I am happy to take some back.
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  6. The funding apparently came from their community grants scheme. As far as I'm aware there's no obligation to pledge allegiance to the TAC.

    It sounds to me like one of the (very) few worthwhile things that they actually invest in.

    You get a heavily subsidised course, specialising in motorcycle related first aid, and you get a recognised first-aid certificate out of it. Basically, like cjvfr said, it's an opportunity to get some of your money back, and potentially help out fellow riders in the process.

    If you want to avoid any involvement from the TAC, I'm sure ASMA would be more than happy for you to pay full price instead.

    BTW, I believe that the places are selling reasonably quickly, so if you do want to take advantage of the offer it'd be best to get in quick.
  7. Chamberlain? I guess you're trying to imply something about similarities between his appeasement policies and the war with the TAC?

    I'd suggest that accepting this 'aid' is not implying any sort of peace treaty or anti-war stance. The war against the idiocy should still very much be expected to carry on (and i hope it does).
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    Last edited: Feb 1, 2013
    Id love to join.. but my advanced internet skills are not allowing me to find where to book on the site.. should i just call them?

    Edit.: never mind.. found it.. course is full.. but im on the waiting list.. feel free to drop out someone :p
  9. CRASH Course....don't need any help with that, thanks anyway :D
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  10. This is great, I just bought a ticket. Big discount, thanks TAC :)
  11. it appears that im off the waiting list and in! going to call today just to make sure..
  12. I'm with smee on this, if TAC are in, I'm out!
  13. It looks like either a few people cancelled or they got more funding for extra places, as I just checked the website and there are still 4 places available out of 30. Well, 3 now, cos I just grabbed one :)
  14. Do we have to do all three work books in the first aid section?
    or just the Apply first aid one?
    it seems once you enroll into the apply first aid one you cant access the others.. :(
  15. It's for an "Apply First Aid" certificate so my guess is that's the one we need to do. It's the one I'm doing anyway so... I hope so.

    Some of these quiz questions are absolute gold.
  16. Yeah i found the first 2 sections quite a giggle this afternoon
    Valid questions.. but sometimes you run out of options for wrong answers as a question writer.
  17. I'll be there with 2 of my friends, we'll probably be riding up. Looking forward to the things we'll learn and meeting other netriders :)
  18. Just a heads up, the online component is bloody long. I was going to do it the day before the course, but luckily I had a peek today, might take me a few sessions to finish it.
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  19. Lol, tell me about it! Then it took even longer for me because the computer kept screwing up when I was doing mine, sometimes it wouldn't show all the options for the questions so I had to keep resetting the questions until it worked. :mad: It was the computer though, not the site.
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