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[Mar 16, 2013] 3rd Saturday Brekky Burn #2 - Scarborough Hotel via Royal National... (Huntingwood)

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by GJ384, Feb 20, 2013.

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3rd Saturday Brekky Burn #2 - Scarborough Hotel via Royal National...
Start Date: Mar 16, 2013 08:00
End Date: Mar 16, 2013 14:00
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +11:00 AEDT

M4 Motorway
Huntingwood 2148

Posted By: GJ384

Confirmed Attendees: 5
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  1. #1 GJ384, Feb 20, 2013
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2013
    Following the (overall) success of the inaugural 3rd Saturday Brekky Burn on Sat 16 Feb, it's time to work out the details for the next ride.

    Once again the general idea behind these rides is that we meet at one of the Caltex servos on the M4 (eastbound or westbound depending on which way we're heading) at 7.30am for an 8am departure, and head off somewhere for a late breakfast, with everyone able to get back home in time for lunch.

    DATE: The morning of the third Saturday of every month - the next one being 16 March 2013.

    DURATION: 2-6 hours depending on destination & route (see below).

    MEET POINT: Caltex service station on the M4 at Eastern Creek (EASTBOUND this time).

    MEET TIME: 7.30am


    RIDE LEVEL: Anyone - Ls/Ps especially welcome. I'm not real fast and am more than happy to ride with learners. Note however that some parts of some rides are on roads which have posted limits above 80km/h, and some learners might not be comfortable on those roads given the faster other traffic which might be around. You must ride your own ride - do not try to keep up with others if you're not comfortable going as fast as they are.

    - All rides will have a ride leader who knows the route.
    - If we have 5 or more in the group we will have a TEC, who will ride at the back to keep an eye on Ls/Ps and make sure no-one gets left behind.
    - If we have Ls/Ps in the group we will have corner markers, who will stop on the side of the road with their indicator on in the direction of the turn.
    Please think about whether you'd like to fill any of these roles and make it known in this thread if you'd like to volunteer. I'll bring hi-vis vests on the day for those who are taking supervising roles on this ride - we don't want anyone left behind or heading off down the wrong way... again... *ahem*Gaurav*ahem* ;)

    DESTINATION & ROUTE: The Saturday 16 March ride will be as follows (also see map at http://goo.gl/maps/4E2N4):

    7.30am - meet at Caltex M4 eastbound (ie NOT the go-karts side) for departure at 8am sharp
    8am - leave Caltex
    8.30am - arrive at Deus ex Machina (102-104 Parramatta Rd, Camperdown)
    9.30am - leave Deus - go around the block and head head down Missenden Rd, then turn right at Princes Hwy
    10.15am (approx) - Enter RNP at Farnell Ave, Loftus
    11am - arrive at Scarborough Hotel (383 Lawrence Hargrave Dr, Scarborough)
    12pm - Back on the road.

    Important notes for this ride:
    - Please make it known in this thread if you intend to join us at any of the additional pickup points after the initial meet point.
    - I have heard stories of shady spots along the roads through RNP which can often be littered with old wet leaves and sometimes moss - obviously these could be extremely slippery, so please exercise extreme caution when going through RNP (Ls/Ps especially).

    Attendance update - 20 confirmed:

    Gareth (GJ384)
    +3 from outside Netrider

    5 from outside Netrider

    Farnell Ave entrance to RNP
    1 from outside Netrider

    Not specified
    +8 from outside Netrider

    8 from outside Netrider

    We have volunteers (both from outside Netrider) for corner marker and TEC, we now just need two leaders - one for the front of the pack, and one to stick to 80kmh to lead the slower riders and make sure they don't feel pressured to keep up with the faster riders. Any more volunteers?
  2. Heathcote Rd and possibly tag along for Remembrance Driveway.. also depends if I can reach Scarborough hotel and finish breaky before you leave.
  3. If we go Heathcote Rd rather than Deus & Princes Hwy we'll have plenty of time to wait for everyone to finish brekky (including learners!) before getting back on the road again. Glad you can make it!
  4. Is this learner friendly and if I turned up for this would I be back at Homebush by 1pm for skills practice ?

    Edit: Hmmm nvm just read the times more carefully & probably cut it too fine time wise and I need the cone weave etc practice more than anything else atm.
  5. Yes & Yes, this is a learner friendly ride and I'm also planning on attending the Jedi boot camp @1pm.
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  6. I am also on L's and after the brekky run, count me in for Homebush skills practice - 1 pm.
  7. Looks like a great turnout so far - altogether (including others from other forums, a couple of Facebook groups and offline etc) we're looking at 14 plus 9 maybes - up to 23 in total if everyone can make it.

    And the weather's looking good too - 20-30, and if it rains at all it's most likely to be late in the afternoon.

    So who else is in?
  8. So i'm 90% in.

    The 10% is if the weather man turns out to be a moron or I can't get there by 7.30am
  9. Has it been decided which of the two routes and which caltex the meet up is yet ?

    I can't see it above.
  10. Alright, here's the plan. The weather forecast for tomorrow is sunny and 19-29, so we should be in for a great ride.

    Route votes have been as follows:
    3 for Deus ex Machina
    3 for Heathcote Rd

    Since the votes are even and Deus seems like a pretty handy additional meeting point, let's do Deus for Breakfast.

    Final route plan is then as follows (also see map at http://goo.gl/maps/4E2N4):
    730am - meet at Caltex M4 eastbound (ie NOT the go-karts side) for departure at 8am sharp
    8:00am - leave Caltex
    830am - arrive at Deus ex Machina (102-104 Parramatta Rd, Camperdown)
    930am - leave Deus - go around the block and head head down Missenden Rd, then turn right at Princes Hwy
    10:15am (approx) - Enter RNP at Farnell Ave, Loftus
    11:00am - arrive at Scarborough Hotel (383 Lawrence Hargrave Dr, Scarborough)
    12:00pm - Back on the road.

    I personally will be returning via back through RNP then Heathcote Rd/M5/M7, should anyone wish to join me - this should work out to be approx 1hr 30mins to return to the eastbound M4 Caltex.

    Total distance (including my route back again) is 202km, total riding time approx 3hr 22min (depending on traffic) - but note that in addition to that time I've also allowed for a full hour's break at each stop, so it should be a very relaxed morning. It's also a pretty straightforward route so hopefully we won't have any confusion along the way.

    IMPORTANT: Since we will have learners in the group, and since we may have up to 25 riders, we will need volunteers to fill the following roles:
    - Corner marker - the main corner I think we'll want to mark is the Farnell Ave entrance to RNP. CM must wait at the corner with their indicator on in the direction of the turn.
    - Leaders - one at the front of the group, and a second leader for the Ls/Ps to ensure that no-one feels like they need to go faster to keep up with the more experienced riders. The leaders must familiarise themselves with the route before tomorrow morning!
    - TEC - the last rider in the pack, to make sure no-one goes missing along the way.

    Please think overnight about whether or not you would like to volunteer for any of the above, and we'll work out who's doing what when we meet in the morning - any questions about what these roles entail can also be discussed in the morning. If you're especially keen to volunteer please post here to let me know your preference.

    See some of you at 730am at Caltex, and the rest at 830am at Deus. For those who haven't met me, I ride a black 2012 Triumph Street Triple with rego GJ384, and wear a blue "Rocket" jacket.

    Please post here to let me know at which meeting point you intend to join us - and remember we will be leaving Caltex at 8am sharp, and Deus at 930am sharp.
  11. Ok I don't have time for this route to be back in time for homebush :(

    But I'll be at caltex and at least ride into deus if that's ok
  12. More than ok! See you at Caltex eastbound by 8am.
  13. Bad choice. Parramatta Rd , Princes Hwy on a Saturday morning. couldn't you come up with a better route than that!
  14. Well first breakfast was ok pity the bike shop doesn't open til 10 ... lazy barstools at deus :p

    maybe next time ill go all the way but it was still good fun to go out with a group of riders.
  15. What a day! Thanks everyone for coming. I think the ride through RNP made up for the traffic and red lights along the way there. I counted 16 bikes at Scarborough - anyone get a different number?

    Lessons learnt from today:
    1. Put up Google Street View photos of the places we're stopping - e.g. Deus - so that no-one sails straight past not knowing what they're looking for...
    2. Maybe book ahead next time we're going to Deus, on the off chance that they might want to open up the showroom for us to have a look around... Either that or always just go there after 10am instead!
    3. Regrouping just before the entry to RNP was definitely a good idea - will have to make sure we communicate better about plans like that in future though, so that everyone knows what's happening.

    Any other entries for the suggestion box?
  16. Here are a few photos I took today... Did anyone else get any?








  17. Thanks for organising the ride Gareth - will look forward to the April ride.. Grey Gum Cafe via Putty Road!
    IMG_8981.JPG IMG_898. IMG_8986.JPG Here are some pics I took.
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  18. Lost my RNP virginity on this ride :D . Thanks to Gareth for organising the ride can't wait for the next one.
    WOW the 1st photo of the bikes in the alleyway is a Magazine quality shot!
  19. Makes two of us - guess that means the RNP was a busy lady on Saturday!
  20. Make that 3!
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