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NSW [Mar 12, 2016] (NSW Feeder) Third more Annual Multi State Meetup (Jindabyne, NSW)

Discussion in 'NSW' started by cjvfr, Jan 4, 2016.

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(NSW Thread) Third more Annual Multi State Meetup
Start Date: Mar 12, 2016 08:00
End Date: Mar 15, 2016 08:00
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +11:00 AEDT


Jindabyne, NSW

Posted By: cjvfr

Confirmed Attendees: 13
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  1. #1 cjvfr, Jan 4, 2016
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2016
    The 2016 Multi State Meetup is on again. All are Welcome.


    For those not familiar with the event it is a three day ride based on Jindabyne in NSW. The first day ride to Jindabyne from NSW locations, a meal and a nights partying. Second Day a ride through the great roads of the area and Third Day say goodbye and head for home.

    The ride welcome new riders but make sure that you have done a bit of long distance practice first. Some of the stretches are a couple of hours in the saddle.,

    A VIC contingent makes their way from the Southern State and maybe even States further afield if possible. Be sure to check out [Mar 12, 2016] (VIC Thread) Third more Annual Multi State Meetup (Jindabyne, NSW) and RVSP there if you will be joining the VIC feeder ride.

    The ride is based on Victoria's Labour Day weekend, the 12th, 13th and 14th March so you NSW people will need to beg a day off from work.


    Ride Organisational Details

    We are staying at the Siesta Villa

    Address: 56 Jerrara Drive,
    Jindabyne East, NSW 2627
    Phone: 02 6456 7146

    There is no fuel in East Jindabyne, if you need fuel get it on the way through at Jindabyne if you need it. We will go back into Jindabyne on the Sunday run and fuel up before setting out for the day.

    Accommodation and Food Costs

    Costs include Saturday and Sunday nights accommodation, Dinner Saturday night, breakfast Sunday Morning, a BBQ dinner Sunday night, Breakfast Monday morning. An option of Hot breakfasts is available for each breakfast at a charge of $30 extra.

    Note I had made an error on the Bunk room prices below originally posting them at $150 they are only $115 for the two days.

    Single Room: $215/room
    Double/Twin: $260/room
    Three person Room: $350/room
    Bunk Room: $115/person

    Use the link below to book your room, and indicate if you want the Hot breakfast option. When the booking is made it will show your charge under your room booking. At the moment I am not taking money probably around mid February I will start prompting for money. When I receive your payment a Paid icon will show under your booking.

    Note this only covers the standard three day trip, if you are taking either GreyBMGreyBM or NedNed 's extended options you will also need to speak to them about their payment schedule and prices.


    The Victorian contingent have a couple of options to extend the ride into a 5 day ride. Option 1 is to make new riders trip up a bit easier and is applicable to those coming up from Victoria. Option 2 however expands the ride into and extra couple of days in the Vic alps which may be attractive to you Northerners. Beds are limited on this part of the run so if you are interested get in fast to the Ride Co-ordinator Ned. Details below:

    Option 2: Saturday 12th March - Wednesday 16th March

    Option 2 will ride up on the Saturday as part of the three day ride and have an additional Alpine ride covering Tuesday and Wednesday. You will need 2 extra days of leave and accommodation and food costs. This ride is currently going to travel the Falls/Anglers/Swifts Creek/Hotham (or vice-versa) Bright loop. Excellent roads so well worth it. Berths on this Option ride are limited so you will need to let the ride Co-ordinator (Ned) know as soon as possible to reserve you place. Currently there is 1 double bed and 3 single beds available for accommodation. So get in quick.

    Ride Co-ordinator: Ned
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  2. I won't need to get a day off: I'll be retired from full-time work by then!!!

    I'm in!!!
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  3. Some of the Vic guys are thinking of extending it to a 5 day and do some of the Vic Alpine area. No details yet but if you have time you may want to join them as well. I need to come back so it won't be a 5 dayer for me.
  4. I will probably make this one but I have my own accommodation in Jindy. It's more difficult with the extra day being Monday instead of Friday to get to the Vic side. I'd much rather be heading home Sunday that cop Sydney traffic Monday.
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  5. Will definetly be booking hols for this and interested in the extended riide.
  6. Hillsy, unless someone in NSW runs one, the extended ride will be out of Melbourne,
  7. I'm looking at it, but it's tricky with accommodation and the Monday..hmmm
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  9. will ask for holidays at work in next week or so, im about to have a 4 week riding holiday possibly ending in a new bike so i may be pushing my luck
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  10. No guarantees just yet, but I'm interested no doubt. An extended ride may be on the cards for me on the NSW side.
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  11. For those interested some details of an Extended ride on the Victorian side through the Alpine region is available. I have put the details up in the first post of this thread. Get in early for that one if you are interested as beds are limited.
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  12. #12 cjvfr, Jan 15, 2016
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2016
    I have pricing back from the hotel and they will do the same prices as last year. They have made the offer of a hot breakfast for an extra $15/person/day. If people are interested in the hot breakfast can you express a general interest so I know if it is worth pursuing.

    I will put up the booking site soon and let you know so you can book your bed and the type of bed you want. All the details are in the first post of this thread.

    Accommodation and Food Costs

    Costs include Saturday and Sunday nights accommodation, Dinner Saturday night, breakfast Sunday Morning, a BBQ dinner Sunday night, Breakfast Monday morning.

    Single Room: $215/room
    Double/Twin: $260/room
    Three person Room: $350/room
    Bunk Room: $115/person
  13. There has been some discussion on moving the accommodation to the Jindy Inn which is in Jindabyne and a quick stroll to the pub and supermarket etc. So we would drop evening meals as part of he included price and go for accommodation and breakfasts only. I am not sure if they do hot breakfasts yet. I will ring them and check details. We are now 55 days out from the ride at the moment so to get bookings I will try and crunch the numbers on this as soon as possible and post up a revised option.
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  14. Thanks cjvfrcjvfr for your keen and hard work getting this organised!
    Much appreciated. :)
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  15. So where are all the NSW contingent? You guys have a shorter distance to ride to get there so no excuse for not coming.
  16. would love to - but unfortunately the down side of running your own business is the lack of opportunity to take days off - really doesn't happen in our line of work :'(
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  17. Hey I'm coming!!
    Proximity to the pub doesn't concern me, Chris, but staying IN town might be a better idea.....
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  18. I'm in again this year, was a great ride last year. can't wait :)
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  19. Fantastic. We have sorted the designated rider.
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  20. #20 cjvfr, Jan 25, 2016
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2016
    46 Days to go .....

    So we are within 46 days now and I have opened the official booking system for beds. Note I made a price error in my original post for the Bunk Room prices, they are $115/person for the two days not $150 as I originally posted. The below booking link allows you to:
    • Make your booking
    • Reserve your room for your exclusive use if you are a snorer or do Jazz ballet in the nude.
    • Indicate if you want hot breakfasts, continental breakfast is included if you don't wish a hot breakfast.
    • Indicate any dietary restrictions you have.
    • Gives you the price you will owe.
    • Shows a countdown timer to J day.
    When you make your booking it will ask for a secret phrase which allows you to change your booking details if you like. Don't use your secret secure nuclear launch codes as it is not a super secure system just a quick hack. A nonsense phrase is good enough e.g "Swans are quicker than Kymcos"

    You can book on the link below, this link is also in the opening post of this thread, the most up to date ride information will always be in the opening post. This is not a sign your life away commitment, when I start asking for payments in mid to late February that will be the commitment date. SO book your rooms arrange your shares, organise hot breakfasts or not. Click on the link below.

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