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VIC [Mar 11, 2016] Third Annual Multi State Meet Up (Jyndabyne NSW) - 5 Day Ride Option (Vic)

Discussion in 'VIC' started by GreyBM, Jan 19, 2016.

Third Annual Multi State Meet Up (Jyndabyne NSW) - 5 Day Ride Option
Start Date: Mar 11, 2016 09:00
End Date: Mar 15, 2016 16:00
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +11:00 AEDT

Starting point to be announced
Melbourne suburbs

Posted By: GreyBM

Confirmed Attendees: 5
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    The Third Multi State Netrider Meet Up will be held at Jindabyne NSW over the Labour Day long weekend of 12th to 14th March 2016 (Details here). Those going on that ride will be required to ride up to Jindabyne and make the return journey in one day each, around 600 Km each day.

    I will be leading an alternative ride up to Jindabyne and back to join in on this, leaving on Friday 11th March and taking two days to get to Jindabyne and then taking two days to come back returning on Tuesday 15 March 2016. This spreads the trips up and back over an extra day each way, reducing the journey to about 350 KM each day. This makes the trip a lot easier, especially for riders not used to doing longer distances. It also gives us the extra time needed to take in better routes than the more direct route which the 3 day ride and will take in some of the best motorcycling roads in Australia

    The ride up will stop overnight at Myrtleford in acceptable but older style motel unit. The ride home will stop overnight at Lakes Entrance in very good quality accommodation. Both places are a short stagger to meals and a bar. I don’t propose to divulge the full details of the route here but can provide details if you are considering coming on the ride.

    Accommodation will be about $50 a night (excluding meals). The actual costs will depend on how many come and exactly what room configurations are needed. These costs do NOT include accommodation at Jindabyne which you will need to pay separately, in accordance with the arrangements in the Meet Up thread. Don't forget to confirm your attendance in that thread too.

    We will depart around 9:00 am on the Friday 11th March. I will determine the exact departure point once I know who is coming and where they are coming from and will try to choose a point which is convenient for everybody.

    The Fine Print
    Accommodation costs are based on a 2-3 person shared room. Single rooms may be available if required but will cost extra (probably about $100 a night).

    Numbers may be limited based on availability of accommodation, so first to confirm with a deposit will be accepted.

    A deposit of $50 will be required to confirm your attendance. If you are forced to cancel later the deposit will be refundable ONLY if the motels refund it. This may not be possible if you cancel at the last minute.

    Unless we have rain of biblical proportions, the route home will include about a short stretch (about half an hour) of reasonable gravel road. But I promise you it will be worth it. We will take this slowly and as a group, so even if you have never ridden gravel before it shouldn’t be a problem but if this worries you let me know and I will provide some additional info which may assist.

    The ride welcome newer riders but make sure that you have done a bit of long distance practice first have some experience of at least moderate twisties. Some of the stretches could be up to a couple of hours in the saddle. Sunday Learner rides are a great way to pick up this experience.

    To Book a Spot
    To book a spot on the ride, use the voting button next to the map above and send me a message. I will then send you details of my bank account to allow you to transfer the $50 deposit. Your attendance will be locked in on receipt of the deposit.

    If you have any comments or questions feel free to ask here.
  2. hey davo
    im only in for the Friday night
    I will take the share option for this
  3. Uncle GregUncle Greg , I am trying to work out fuel stops. What fuel range do you comfortably get out of the new beast?
  4. 200
    thanks dude
  5. Count me in for the 5 day tour.
    Happy to share a room.
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  6. I'm now in for the 3 day option, so we can be roomies Sat-Sun.
  7. Dave, how many km do you expect to do on the Monday ?
    Or, what time do you expect us to get to Lakes ?

    Just tossing up as I have friends in Traralgon that I'd like to catch up with but it might be too long a day.
  8. About 336 via the Bonang which is the preferred route. Has a bout 30 mins or dirt. Google says 5 hrs
    If it is pissing down (or has been) we may need to take the Monaro to avoid the dirt stretch. 334 Km Google says about 4 hours

    Sale is about another 100 km so add about 1.25 hr or so

    When we arrive depends exactly how early we get away from Jindy. We haven't broken our necks in previous years and usually get to Lakes by mid to late arvo. From memory we have made Orbost for a late lunch and that Is after stopping at Bombala for fuel and a coffee/sausage roll stop.

    So not a huge day.

    GreydogGreydog How's your memory? Does that sound right?
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  9. Dave, if I can hijack slightly, how much rain in your opinion is enough to rule out the Bonang?
    I'll be there this Saturday, a little rain (1-5mm) forecast for Friday night.
    Sorry I can't make the Jindabyne meet-up.
  10. Sorry, I haven't had to do it in the rain so bit of a tricky question to answer. I reckon prolonged rain will make it greasy but light rain probably wouldn't affect it too much. The only issue I had (in the dry) was the back wheel suddenly dropping into a wheel rut and causing the bike to realign its direction.

    Have heard the bitumen stretch can be pretty slippery in the wet as well. The first time I went on the road was mid winter after wind and there was a huge amount of leaf littler and small branches over the road. Road had a fair bit of moss then as well but that shouldn't be an issue this time of year.

    Be interested to hear a report back of how you go.

    Enjoy the ride.
  11. Definitely, will report back next week. My memory of the dirt stretch is of mild gravel/marbles rather than clay so not expecting a drama but I will take notes this time,
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  12. Last time I did it it was hard packed sand / gravel.
    It was quite wet and the road was still pretty good.

    I would think it would be OK unless you had a day of heavy rain.
  13. Thanks Dave, if that's the case I might see what my friends are doing and stop the night in Traralgon.
    I'll confirm for you over the weekend.

    I hope that's Ok and doesn't spoil any of your work.
  14. GreyBMGreyBM
    Sorted for accomodation & dinner Monday night.
    I'll push on to Traralgon and catch up with my friends there.
  15. #16 GreyBM, Feb 19, 2016
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2016
    OK About to finalize all accomodation for this ride. No other takers other than GreydogGreydog Uncle GregUncle Greg Stever42Stever42 and gizzogizzo ?

    Once finalized you would be still welcome to ride with us but you need to sort out your own accommodation.
  16. whom am I sleeping with?
  17. Depends how sweet you can talk.
  18. Yo, after discussions this morning with BM, I am looking at coming along on the 5 day run, I will need to confirm early on Monday that I can get the days off (work owes me 3 days tie in lieu, so should be ok), also I possibly have another psorson interested, been over here from the UK for a year, is dead keen to ride up in the alps, he also rides a bmw, so Dave will be sure to like him...
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  19. Was about to lock the accomm down but will wait a few more days to allow you to sort this PilgriMPilgriM. If you haven't already you will need to arrange accomm with cjvfrcjvfr in the 3 day ride thread.

    How soon will you know if your mate is coming or not?