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[Mar 1, 2015] Wiseman's Ferry via Old Rd Sunday 1st March 2015 (Wisemans Ferry)

Discussion in 'NSW' started by Senator17, Feb 27, 2015.

Wiseman's Ferry via Old Rd Sunday 1st March 2015
Start Date: Mar 1, 2015 08:00
End Date: Mar 1, 2015 13:00
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +11:00 AEDT

Wisemans Ferry Pub
6 Old Nothern Rd
Wisemans Ferry 2775

Posted By: Senator17

Confirmed Attendees: 1
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  1. So I'm going to try this again. Last weekend the weather ruined this ride and if it's pouring again on Sunday morning, then the ride will be off. But the weather forecast is for a nice morning, with rain and possible storms arriving late afternoon. I'd like to be home by about 3ish.

  2. Tentative for me - pending the rain gods and to be confirmed early Sunday morning. I assume we meet again at McD's Thornleigh?
  3. Im in if the weather gods are smiling.
  4. will depend on the weather - still getting over a cold
  5. In if the morning weather tomorrow is less depressing than last weekend ;)

    I presume the meet-up points are the same as last week Bill?

    8am Maccas Bonnyrig or 9am Maccas Thornliegh
  6. Seeing as rain is predicted later, should we not start one hour earlier?
  7. Mate, there is no way am waking up at 4am tomorrow LOL ;)
  8. I'm desperate for a ride so may join you guys at Thronleigh's Maccas if I can make it on time...
  9. If you go to sleep already dressed and bike idling in the garage?
  10. My wife already gave me weird looks when I was calling her from inside the house from my helmet while testing Sena :)
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  11. I'm keen again, 8am at Bonnyrigg maccas?
  12. i may join depending how i feel in the morning
  13. Sorry guys I'm out, gonna keep it local and shorter cause I got a stack of shit to do so Kangaroo Valley for me tomorrow. Enjoy the ride.
  14. Shes going to be fuggen hot tomorrow
  15. 40c and rain,how does that work.
  16. Sydney for ya!
  17. Sorry guys couldn't make it in the end, had some stuff to do I forgot about! Hope it was a great ride!
  18. Excellent Ride, thanks for organising Bill and it was lovely meeting George & George ;)

    Talk about perfect timing for the run home, as soon as I pulled in my driveway, took my gear off and washed my face, it started to bucket down in Sutherland!

    Until next time
  19. Yeah, thanks for organizing Bill, was great meeting you all and riding together. Pity about the heat (on the way back home I must have lost a couple of kilos through sweating).
    Agree with Jalal, timing was spot on, got home just in time to walk the dogs before this bad ass storm.
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  20. Pics or it didn't happen

    Selfie Madness at the Ferry

    image. image. image. image.
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