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VIC [Mar 1, 2015] The Mitta Mitta 1000 (Vic)

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Wheres me Boike, Feb 10, 2015.

The Mitta Mitta 1000
Start Date: Mar 1, 2015 06:00
End Date: Mar 1, 2015 19:00
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +11:00 AEDT

Start 6am 1st March
1575 Main Whittlesea Rd, Mernda

Posted By: Wheres me Boike

Confirmed Attendees: 0
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    The Mitta Mitta 1000km is a one Day ride that leaves Melbourne, and heads north east towards Tallangatta, then heads south through Mitta Mitta, Omeo, and on to Bairnsdale, then west and back to Melbourne.
    It's approx 1000km, depending on where you live in Melbourne.
    The Ride will be on 1st March 2015 (Weather Permitting)
    Here is a Map of the route. (Google limited to 26 waypoints)

    Mitta mitta 1000.JPG

    You can ride this ride any way you want.
    Just be in Mitta Mitta between 12 Noon and 12.30pm for the group Photo.
    Also, you can get back to Melbourne any time you like, there's no pressure. So, organize the ride with your riding mates and do it your own way.
    It should turn out to be an Epic Day.

    Here's my Itinerary
    My GPS has more waypoints and so the route may differ slightly.
    I have .GPX .ITN and .KLM files (contact me)
    The Ride will depart at Caltex, Mernda, (1575 Main Whittlesea Rd, Mernda)
    at 6am Sunday 1st March
    Fuel/Food stops
    + 3.5hrs (280km) to Myrtleford
    + 1.5 hrs (150km) to Mitta Mitta
    + 1.5hrs (100km) to Omeo
    +2.5hrs (220km) to Heyfield
    +1.5hrs (150km) to McDonalds/ BP Inbound Pakenham
    Adding 1.5 hours for stops should end the Ride at McDonalds Pakenham at approx 6pm.
    The Itinerary is a bit optimistic, but you got to set a goal.
    The Ride will have a brisk pace with a "no wasting Time" attitude.
    The Ride is only for very experienced Riders who don't fatigue easily, and with a large, modern, well maintained Motorcycle.
    So, If you are a long distance Road Warrior, who wants to ride some of the best touring roads Victoria has to offer in one Day, join me on what is probably the most epic one Day ride in Australia.

  2. Good luck doing Myrtleford to Mitta Mitta on 90 mins. Omeo to Heyfield needs an extra 30 mins too especially if riding in a group.
    It looks like a good lap but not for the inexperienced though.
  3. very tempting! I'll have just finished a week of night shifts, so we'll have to see how i go.
  4. holy shit - I'm planning on doing something really similar in the opposite direction, with a stop in Albury via Granya. been on the todo list all summer. I think I can sneak out on a weekday though, quieter roads and all that.

    What made you go clockwise vs the opposite? Figured if I leave at 5am I can get the really boring part out the way first. Guys in the office think I have a screw loose and that I'm talking out my ass.
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  5. This looks good....

    Won't make 280 on one fill though.
  6. Definitely not for the inexperienced.
  7. 3 hrs of sun glare going to Bairnsdale/Bruthen plus riding to Omeo/Mitta Mitta riding towards the Sun. Best to have the Sun at your back
    Apart from the sun glare I just have a preference clockwise.
    What are your thoughts in doing it anticlockwise?
  8. Could do a splash and dash in Mansfield.
  9. I'd agree with that BitSarBitSar, you won't! :whistle:
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  10. Hmmmmm.
  11. Sun would be a problem, but figure I could get a big chunk out of the way relatively easily and not worry so much about wildlife. Thought I could do most of it before the sun became an issue, but yesterday sunrise was 6.50 am, so at least an hour of going into the sun which would get tiring quickly I'd imagine. On second thought I like your idea better :)

    I'd like to tag along, but would probably prefer my own pace (I know, ride your own ride etc.) would worry less about giving other people the shits and it'd be easier to change plans.
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  12. I love this type of riding on occasion.

    Did the Mitta Mitta run last year (anticlockwise) and ran into Peppy on my return leg through Reefton, it was over two days though. The road from Omeo to Mitta Mitta is a great road but was tiring too. This was the last section on day one after only 500k's, and I was looking forward to the stop, beer and food by the end.

    A year or so back I did the Great Alpine Road in one day from Pakenham, approx. 900 k's for the day on my old ZZR600. Was great fun, but I like having bail out points incase of getting too tired, fatigued etc. This is always a bit harder if riding to a group pace, but I guess it's up to you to ride your own ride. Could always be communicated if you need to stop though. I did it in an anticlockwise direction, not too much of a problem with sun glare, but I do use a couple of strips of tape on the top edge of the visor to cut the glare down when riding directly into it.

    Would love to join you on this run, but just had child number two, so have family commitments for the next few weeks before being able to get away for a long ride. But, great idea, next time..
  13. Hi bob, and congrats on the new addition.
    I may not get too many contenders as there does not seem to be too many Long Distance Touring Riders in here. There's no mention in the Specific Bike Type section either.
    However your post has given my some ideas on how to "ride your own ride".
    Having set Food/fuel stops might scare people away.
    So I may edit the Ride to suit.
  14. I still love the idea mate, I normally do these type of rides solo, but, as you can see, others have similar interests in longer distance rides too. Post up again throughout the year if you do decide to do another run. And, thanks for the congrats.

    If you haven't already, check out - http://farriders.com.au/index.php

    I've done one of their rides and enjoyed myself, plan to do another two this year. I'm sure there a few on this site already. But it is a good resource for longer rides, they have a great write up on fatigue management.
  15. Any one interested in a ride like this during the week, I do prefer an overnighter, I like to see the scenery as I ride, I dont ride Fatigued, I also use a lot more of the good back roads, More twistys, Not keen on the slabs,
    I normally do these rides Solo, But I am doing the Annual Tintaldra ride again this year, I have missed a couple, Broken shoulder, No licence, Hahaha, Overseas, Etc,
    I am level 5 and 7 on the Netrider Gauge, Hahahahaha, Have been known to ride in the rain, It washes my bike,
    Iron Butt Rider, But not interested in impressing people with it, Its just what I do, I love it, And Im friendly and easy to get on with,

    Cheers, Brian,
  16. Sounds like one hell of a haul, as many have said, definitely for the well seasoned riders. I wish you all success on this trip, thats a big day in the saddle thats for sure.
  17. BitSarBitSar - have you done that sort of distance on the Shiv before. I would've thought the lack of fairing would make it a pretty exhausting ride over that many km. I reckon I'm good for 500-600km a day while still enjoying it, but haven't done any real long mileage for some time.

    Either way - John it sounds epic so enjoy and ride safe!
  18. Thanks, C 4 B
    I done the Mitta Mitta, Omeo run twice at Xmas. (not the 1000km) but as part of my tour. It was so good.

    Chilli, Shiv?
    I'm have done many 800km lots 1000km some 1250km and the longest was 1540km Tennant Creek to Hall Creek.
    I upgraded the Beast from a 2010 R1200rt to the Latest 2014 R1200rt LC.
    and trust me, this thing eats Km's

    Weather is not looking good at all. Looks like rain Sat night and Sunday morning. Probably the left overs from the Darwin Cyclone.

    There are no confirmed attendees yet, unless some unknown Guest shows up.
    But, please note,
    If it's raining, this trip will be cancelled.
    Will be watching the forecast closely.
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  19. LOL the Shiv is what BitSarBitSar and me and some others ride- the Aprilia Shiver 750. The reason for my question is that its a completely naked bike, not a tourer at all so I wondered how that would feel after 1000km!
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    Oops, I didn't pick you were responding to Bitsar. I'm a bit green using this netrider page.