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maquarie pass>kangaroo valley

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by twainharte, Oct 7, 2006.

  1. i did this today :grin: :


    unfortunately i didn't take too many pictures:(

    made my way through the royal NP via the waterfall entrance. traffic was light to nonexistant.

    atop stanwell park admiring sea cliff bridge.


    maquarie pass NP.
    i liked the twisty section so much i had to turn around and do it again. :twisted: going down hill wasn't that much fun but going up it again, well... :twisted: traffic was light to nonexistant the 1st time around.


    looking back into kangarro valley. that's what i was riding through in the valley.the temps were low down there. road conditions were great.


    then made my way through berry, kiama(lunch stop), back to sydney via mount ousley rd. traffic was medium to heavy around kiama and back to sydney.

    started at 5:30-ish am and got home at around 11:30-ish am.

    total kms: approx. 350

    it was a fun ride. only saw one cop car with radar set up alittle past the waterfall entrance as i was coming back.

    home safely.


    edit: just a note about fuelling up:

    i fuelled up a total of 3 times just to be on the safe side.

    1. before i left, obviously.

    2. when i got to albion park. not too many options after that. best to fuel up prior to the twities since you may wanna hit 'em a cple of times or more.

    3. on the way back alittle past waterfall.

  2. Done that ride a few times and it's a sweet was to spend a few good hours on the bike.
  3. lemme know next time!!!
  4. So now you've done "the loop". It's nice living right next to it, let me tell you, it takes longer to get your gear on than it does to get to the bottom of the Pass :grin:
  5. That sounds like an AWESOME run, I totally want to give it a go. :)
  6. 'Most any Saturday or Sunday arvo, I'd be more than willing to show you the route, LPC!! Just give me tomorrow to get my daughter's wedding out of the way, the weekend after to go away for a recovery session with Mrs Hornet and the Three Points ride the next weekend, and you're on after that!!
  7. For sure I wouldn't be able to do it till next weekend still, you your are seriously offering I might take you up on it, also I think Ktulu might come along.
  8. Serious, I've been driving that road since 1968 and riding it on and off since 1974. Any weekend AFTER the Three Points Ride will be fine. If enough people are interested we might make it a formal Netrider Ride, and perhaps link up with some of the locals as well.....
  9. Sounds great, I'll talk to some others and if there's interest I'll post it up.
  10. hehehe, i might be in this! although, it would have to be early to avoid the weekenders and preferably a sunday...
  11. I don't mind when it will be, but if we have to go earlier to avoid the weekend drivers taht fine with me.