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Maps for Pocket PC's

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by rc36, Jun 28, 2005.

  1. Does anyone know if there are Australian maps available to be downloaded to a Pocket PC?

    I think it would be a great thing when you're touring.

  2. There are... but you need the software to view 'em which you have to pay for unless you're into piracy.
  3. i know you can buy them... and this usually means that they're available for free if you know where to look ;)
  4. You will need Fugawi or OziExplorer for your GPS. I reccommend OziExplorer.

    This is available from www.oziexplorer.com for $30USD

    Maps: Well I reccommend MapTrax - www.maptrax.com.au - I have purchased most of my maps there and they are very very good.

    I have most of Victoria in 1:125,000. I use them on the laptop with a GPS for Fox Hunting.

  5. and i usually know where to look, but all i've managed to dig up is euro/US stuff :?

    hints for me anyone? :D
  6. I have found some that require gps but I'm not planning on using them that way (don't have a gps)
    Just want to have them stored on an SD card and use them as reference when I'm travelling (or can't you do that?)
  7. You can do that but it is a real pain in the arse working out where you are. The VicMaps can't do searching, as most of them are from back from 1980's and they are rasterised not vector. Most of them are still accurate because not much changes in the way of roads over the years. Most of the major roads and even dirt tracks are still the same. I have been in some pretty arse off the world places and they were on the map.

    If you purchase a commercial off the shelf product like Navman, then it gives you street level city mapping and basic searching, but for the real state wide maps, you are much better off using the GPS.

    Feel free to PM or Email me if you have any more questions.

  8. Thanks guys
    looks like I might have to save up for a gps first
    never mind, they're getting cheaper.
  9. If you have a decent Pocket PC you can get a bluetooth GPS unit.

    They are available for the Plam T3 for $600 odd dollars.

    You can get a GPS unit now with street level mapping for less than ~$1000.

    I'm looking at the Gamin Quest for $1065, it is portable as well with its built in Lithium battery.
  10. Will these maps work with a Garmin Etrex Legend? I'm looking at getting one of these, as I already have the handlebar mount (it was used on my old basic Etrex) and data cable, etc..

    The legend has a "background mapping" thing. off the shelf it comes with a "base map" or similar of the US and a bonus one of Oz. Not sure down to what detail it goes.

    Do you wear the fox hat when you go out?

  11. Destinator is fantastic for navigation, the maps are spot on (even got my old driveway on it). I use it in the car.
  12. If you're having trouble with Victorian Maps I may be able to point you in the right direction? You can PM me if need be.
  13. If you just want the a street directory type thing then I have found MS pocketstreets to be good and i have maps for every australian capital city.

    If you want something to use with a gps unit then destinator 3 has maps for pretty much every road in au including rural dirt roads and stuff, and has voice guidance. other options include copilot 5. From my research it seems that destinator is better.

    Does your pocket pc have bluetooth? if so you can get a good bluetooth gps unit for about $300. other options are to get a gps unit which fits in your CF or SD expansion card slots. Be aware though that if you only have one of these slots, youll probably have no where to put the card then to keep all the map info on.

    You can also buy mounting kits for bikes for pdas.
    have a look here
    and here is the bike one
    the ones on that link are not powered and do not include things like speakers and other attachments suitable only for cars.
  14. Wow, that is a HEAP of information. Will check them all out, thanks.
  15. MJT57,

    Not sure if they can be used with that model GPS, but I would see no reason why not. I have used them in a Magellin and have had no issues.

    Best to call them to find out.

  16. Destinator is fine for major city street level maping, but I have found that as soon as you get of a metro area then it is not the best.