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Map Plotting

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by cmarico, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. Does anybody know any decent map plotting software?

    Trying to plot a map for some friends and I to follow in the near future. Google maps gives me nothing but grief - lines I can see on my screen that disappear when I try to share them.


  2. Are you saving the google maps to an account, or just cutting and pasting URL from the regular maps you make?
  3. Sharing routes from Google Maps is easy, just click on the "share link" button over on the left hand panel next to the printer icon. If you just copy whatever is in the address bar of your browser then yes, all of your lines will disappear.

    That said there are other software packages out there, but the only ones I know of usually come with (and require) a GPS. Map data isn't a trivial thing, the map of Australia on my Garmin for example is 2.8 gigabytes of data.
  4. I saved it to my google account. I didn't add destinations or anything like that, just used the line drawing tool. I hit save, opened it up in another browser and the line isn't there.
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    If your in NSW, the best and most accurate mapping system would be the one the government uses.......................just turn on the cadastral features and if you want to find the actual property address click on the "i" looking icon............property address and numbering is the domain of council though, but the LPI is probably your best bet for accuracy............if you live on NSW.


    I use this to put in the addresses of stop over/rest/smoko points...........