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Map of the Nasho???

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by browny, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. G'day everyone,

    I've got my P's test at Loftus this sunday and since I'm down that way, thought I might go for a ride through the nasho after...... but never been, so canI grab directions and a map of someone :)
    it won't be till 4pm but if anyone wants to come they are more than welcome!

    thanks in advance
  2. There's really only a few roads in there.

    From Loftus follow the signs the Audley. From Audley folow the road up the hill.

    Eventually you'll some to a turn off to Bundeena. this is not the best bike road, but scenic enough.

    If you go past the turn you'll travel past a couple of turn offs to beaches. After the Garrie turn off you swing west and down another hill. this will eventually bring you to an intersect. Fromhear you can turn right and head up the hill to Waterfall or go straight and ride through to Stanwell tops (this is the best bike road in the park).

    On sundays you'll have to pay and there will be lots of cars.

    If you want the best of it on an early morning ride, ride from the HWY at Waterfall through to Stanwell tops. The bit from loftus around past Audley and the beaches is not the best bike roads, though scenic.
  3. Matt, give me a call I'll explain it to you, very easy.
  4. How about a map of Tassie?
  5. Here ya go :wink:

  6. You DON"T have to pay any day if you don't stop IN THE PARK.

    This means you can ride up the "annual pass holders" lane at the Loftus end, and ride to Bundeena or Mainbar or straight through to Stanwell Park.

    If you stop anywhere in the park, or use any other roads (such as the ones to Garrie Beach or Wattamolla) you should pay, and may be fined if you don't.

    Just take it easy, it can be a bit of a race track for bikes, and the cops know it, and as your instructor at your P's course will tell you, it has been the end of far too many riders.

  7. BTW,

    from the Loftus TAFE Turn Right at the roundabout (entrance).

    Straight on at the traffic lights and merge with the Highway Traffic WITH CARE CAUSE THERE ARE ALWAYS HOPELESS DRIVERS ON BOTH ROADS.

    after a few hundred meters you will cross some train tracks, and another couple of meters is a slip lane into the RNP.

    That roads just keeps on going until you get to Stanwell Park where you can park beside the other hundered bikes.

    There are only two turnoffs that you can take without paying. One to Bundeena and Mainbar, and a second that will take you up the hill to the Princess Highway at Waterfall (if it is getting late and you feel like riding home at Highway speeds).

    Take it easy,

  8. there you go. you do learn something every day
  9. I always ride/drive down the side lane at the Loftus end. If you go to the toll both just say "Just going thru" and they will just nod.

    P.S. more info, at legal speed it is probably about 30mins each way from Loftus to Stanwell Park, Camry dependant.

  10. Thanks Paul,
    I was hoping you would see this thread as you've got good maps!!

    went for a run through the nasho after my p's test, with Tweet. at about 4pm, Setting Sun was annoying and nearly hit 2 Ducks that were ambling across the road.

    It's nice down there, but possible quiet dangerous at speed. I wouldn't make a habit of going down to thrash it... nice scenic easy ride though.

    for the thrashing I prefer Putty and Old Pac.
  11. Another thing to beware of down there is wet corners. You can be on a dry road, lovely day, then drop into the forest a bit and find some wet roads.
  12. Not only that but green moss is rampant in the more forested areas.

    For the love of christ don't cross the centre line mid-corner in the Nasho, there is enough car traffic (especially on weekends) to make it the last time you ever do it.
  13. I'd say to take it nice and easy the first few times you do the road, it will chew you up if you don't know it and respect it