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Many thanks Undii!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Heinz_Guderian, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. A huge thanks to Undii for getting my CB250RS to the freight guys, so it can make it across the moat without me having to fly to Melbourne and back just to ride the thing to the depot.

    Also a big thanks to those who stepped forward.

    Quality folks here for sure.

    Now: anybody got an XL500 motor lying around? :twisted:
  2. jeez you trusted wazza on your bike :shock: :shock: :shock:

    nah good one mate
  3. All good my friend :) It was a blast riding it to the logistics place along Hoddle street. That is once I got it going :LOL: It was an adventure just getting to the bike. I saw the address you provided me, went in with the bike through a walkway as I could see the back carpark with it. And just before the carpark were some steps :eek: Judging it as ok, I went down them. heh. I bottomed out and there is a plastic triangle thing that holds the 2 front fairing places in position which popped out onto the ground. hehe. No other "damage" so I put the triangle back in easily enough. Then came the adventure of starting the bike with the kick starter. Took a few attempts. As I put the key in, saw headlight go on, so I moved the bike away from the wall to kickstart it. After a couple/few attempts with it sounding like nothing was there, I jiggled the key and saw the instrument panel lights flick on. Tried the kickstarter, I heard some life and after a couple more attempts, ba boom! She fired up!!!

    It must've been funny seeing me in my "expensive gear" sitting on the beast riding along hoddle st. 2 or 3 sportsbike riders zipped past without any acknowledgment at all, I was not one of them in their eyes I guess. I did get to see a graphite 675 that looked strangely like mine, I think it might have been al77's? Parked along carlisle street somewhere just near hoddle st cnr. So, I got to the storage + logistics people, signed the bike papers (I need to mail them to you I guess if you want them) and walked onto hoddle st. Luckily enough, a bus was coming along and I had to run in the gear + helmet in hand to the bus stop. Made it, traveled to my area as I was going to see Emma for lunch (walk to her work) but I saw and hailed a taxi down.

    We traveled to the spot where my bike was parked, had a good little chat with the driver as well. Saw some policemen (all 4 of them!) with a radar to book people going over that little archway/hill thing on dandenong rd just before chapel st. It's a little dip so easy to go over speed limit, theres no pedestrian areas anywhere there so no kids/old people-whatever can walk "in your way". Yup, those 4 policemen (had one car pulled over giving a ticket whilst mr radar gun man was looking for another VICTIM :evil: ) Oh well, if anyone local gets held up/mugged/house burgled etc, be safe knowing those 4 police were out saving the public... *cough* *cough*

    It was weird to ride my bike initially tho, I was used to the cb250 handlebars so mine felt a bit strange for 20-30 seconds. I 'loosened' up into my old posture and got on with riding normal again :grin: 'Twas a pleasure to help you out! :) All up, took less than 2 hrs to do. About an hour less than I had provided myself for, so all good!
  4. Ah, every ride on a CB250RS (always remeber the 'RS'!) is an adventure. I bought the beastie on eBay a few weeks ago and had low expectations: it looked better than I expected when i picked it up (seller was very over-cautious), started okay despite being cold when I collected it (always a good sign that the seller hasn't 'warmed it up' first), and I got about 2km before it just wouldn't rev and I had to limp to the side of the road.

    "Okay, there had to be something, just fix it" thinks I, check battery terminals, fuel supply, kick a few times and get nothing... then try it with the choke in and off she goes. It then whisked me from St Albans to the city like a CB-RS should. I piffled around in the city and rode it to my friend's place at 2am- I figured if it could start at 2am in zero degrees it was a okay thing. I wasn't able to get it back to Tas on my 'pick up trip' so it had to sit at my friend's house for a week.

    I've long wanted a CB as a fart-around bike... got to ride one at Eastern Creek once... tonnes of fun and not too slow for what they are.