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Many thanks for all your help....

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by wedge, Sep 18, 2006.

  1. For everyones advice and offers on the forum when i was looking for a bike, and especially to idon'tlikemondays for checking out a bike for me on Sat.
    And a big shout out to LPCIII and Ktulu for helping me out on Sunday, picking me up and taking me to check out a pretty shmick bike.
    Have to say i really appreciate the help you guys have offered and given, probably becasue i winge so much hey :grin:
    Anyway thanks again hope to see you out on the road when i've done my licience.
    Cheers :)

  2. "You're welcome, Wedge: sent you a PM"

    There, happy, fixed
  3. No worries, wedge. It was our pleasure.

    Looking forward to a nice drive up the coast to get the bike to it's new home for ya :)

    Hope the weather's good... may have to do a spot of fishing while up there!
  4. Not to bag your grammar, but it made it kinda ambiguous. I wondered who her 'welcome wedge' was, and why it sent her a PM.

    "You're welcome, Wedge: sent you a PM" ;)
  5. I was looking forward to flogging the crap out of the GS500F if I rode it up to you, hehe just kidding :p.

    The bike looks great and seems like it would be a comfortable ride. You will have to do the Old Pacific with us when you feel up to it :).
  6. Yep keen for the Pacific Hwy, just need to build some skills and confidence and i'll be up for a few ride meets :)
  7. Nice one wedge ,what did you get 2005 -2004 ect?
    Did you save my bike for the evil dealers and give her a good home. :grin:

    Check out this site www.gstwin.com
  8. Yeah wedge it was great fun on Sunday... even if I did get lost while test riding the bike. :grin: it is a sweet ride. You'll love it.
  9. no worries at all mate. hoping to see you on the road soon