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Manufacturers - How many just produce mbikes?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jphanna, Nov 19, 2015.

  1. Hi People,

    I have been wondering how many manufacturers only make mbikes, and nothing else in their entire history. just a quick check on the net and I can see

    Yamaha - PWC, Musical Instruments, Industrial Robots and even Golf carts

    Honda - PWC, marine engines, generators and industrial robots, lawn mowers

    Kawasaki - Ship building, PWC, Industrial equipment, and I own a kawasaki whipper snipper!!

    one could argue that clothing is not directly a mbike product but Harley Davidson make a fortune out of their clothing line.

    I can imagine that people that ride mbikes from manufacturers that make only mbikes (if there is any) may feel that they are riding a super product that hasn't been tainted by a boardroom decision that allocates only certain R & D for mbikes, and so much for other products they produce.

    then again, maybe I just got too much time on my hands to think about this stuff......

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    Ducati makes electronics started as a manufacturer of Radios. To be honest it is a seperate company Ducati Energia but they do have some common board members.

  3. If you're including merchandising, than of course none "make" just motorcycles.
    excluding merchandising, a brand only selling bikes is no different to those with various lines of offerings. They're all owned by share holders, they all decide how much of their profits will be reinvested into r&d.
  4. Pretty sure Aprili (Piaggio) only make bikes
  5. and scooters...ewwww

    I think Triumph are only in the bike biz now.
  6. You missed the obvious in that Honda make cars too.
  7. Too much time indeed; Kawasaki is a truly enormous corporation. The bike division might as well be a separate entity for all the difference it makes. But it did make the H2 easier when other parts of Kawasaki already built things with superchargers and whatnot.
  8. Yes, but would you drive one?
  9. Nothing wrong with the Honda Accord Euro.
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  10. haha, sorry... I come from where Honda and VTEC 'performance' are names that get a few chuckles... Although their new Type R looks like a much better effort than anything in recent memory.

  11. Harley made bicycles too

    1918 Harley-Davidson Model 318
  12. I sure would and have had new 1 Honda Accord and 2 new Honda Civics in the family. All three now over ten years old and never had any repairs done and still going strong................ Not many manufacturers around that make cars that reliable:finger:
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  13. Nothing right with it either
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  14. Moto Guzzi.
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