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Manuals for Suzuki VL250

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by damien, Nov 11, 2014.

  1. Hi All.

    Just picked up my bike and realized I don't have the owners manual or service book. I've text the seller and asked if they have them but have not got a reply.

    Does anyone have a copy of the manual that could be uploaded, or know where I can get one? I saw some old threads with the same but short of paying for one at the dealer, there didn't seem to be many responses. I'm prepared to buy one from Suzuki if needed but thought i'd try my luck at an online copy first!

  2. Check with flea bay.
  3. Thank you. I have come across this one before after doing a search but my work computer doesn't seem to like the page. I may check it out at home.

    Will check out ebay too!
  4. Update: So I got no-where with ebay and i'm a little hesitant on the "moremanual" site as a part of the sign in procedure is handing over my Credit Card details and I can't understand why a site would ask for this and then claim that no charge to the card will be made. Doesn't seem too valid a site for my details. Thanks all the same tho.

    For anyone still reading that may be after a manual for their bike - Next stop was Suzuki.

    I paid $23 for an owners manual but they wanted to sting $177 for the service book. Seemed a little steep!
  5. I'm really surprised you weren't able to find another site.
  6. Still can't find a site, does anyone have a digital download of this? I really need the service manual
  7. anyone can find the owner manual? I look high and low and only found the service manual... I just needed owner manual on how to operate the bike and whats what...

    thanks in advance...
  8. I went searching for this elusive manual online a couple of years ago for my wife's bike. I had to settle for the VL125 manual which appears to be much the same. Anyhow, these bikes are very reliable and there's nothing unique about them so the only thing I've ever needed the manual for was the oil filter change which is very simple once you know. You can just google information as you need it.
  9. thanks Oakie...