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Manual Clutch on a Postie Bike?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by smidsy, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. Anyone know if it's possible to fit a manual clutch to a postie bike.

    I live in a small country town where I would rarely get over 50k anyway so a postie bike is all I need. The problem is that I need to get my license and here in WA you need to take your licence on a bike with a clutch - if I was in the city I would simply find a riding school that supplies bikes, but that isn't an option here.

    Would it be major work to fit a manual clutch to a postie bike?
  2. In NSW at least, the postie bike counts as a manual transmission for the purposes of licencing i.e. you won't be granted an auto licence if you do your test on one.

    Have you actually spoken to anyone involved in licencing or testing to confirm you definetely can't obtain a manual licence using this vehicle?

    Also, I'm 100% sure you can take licence tests on a fully automatic vehicle (not that a postie bike is fully auto anyway), though you may or may not be granted a licence class restricting you to automatic vehicles.
  3. yeah cant do it

    you could do an engine swap, i put a 150cc into mine it was an animal!!! but then not legal LOL

    your going to have to travel tot he big smoke or borrow a bike, or can you get a scooter license?
  4. Pretty much all the small Chinese pit/dirt bikes have clones of Honda's step-thru/postie engine in various configurations. It might be possible to use parts from one with a manual clutch or even a complete engine/gearbox unit.

    Engine swaps are perfectly legal. You just need to jump through the bureaucratic hoops. Try contacting the Vehicle Safety Branch of DPI for the details.
  5. Not a cheap option. I take it you are going through the transport dept. Most Qride places here in QLD supply a bike and equipment.
    Might be cheaper for you to borrow one. I get my postie bike up to 90.
    voted the best bike in the world, almost indestructable.
  6. +1 to that.. there are a lot of different Chinese bikes that are based on the CT110 engine right up to the mounting points being the same.. with some of them you can change parts with including the clutch assembly...
  7. I'd get a random clutch lever and cable from a wrecker, fit it to the handlebars and run the cable out of the way somewhere. Fit a spring to the end of the cable to return the lever. Then just use the fake clutch whenever you stop during the test!!
  8. to the people saying the pit bikes engines are the same have you done an engine conversion on a ct110?

    i have

    it's not straight forward, the motors have the smae apearance but thats about all, engine mounts need to be drilled out as does the frame and knotched or an alternative lower mount made

    also it's not road legal to do so, but if your lucky you can get it reg'd with the new number, but that dont make it ''legal''
  9. Please explain why an engine swap is not legal.
  10. to put it simply could you get your car road legal with an engine from a diesel generator or similar

    the chinese engines dont come out in any road legal vehicles, they must comply with the latest emissions regs etc... so you need a cat airbox etc... none of which have been done before, the closest bikes with similar motors are the madass, manual but no benefit a less reliable engine with no more power than a honda ct110 and the motovert rx, also manual but 124cc and barley any more herbs...

    i reckon a std postie with some engine work would be better

    as a comparison the lifan 150cc i put into mine was atleast 10kg lighter than the std 105cc honda engine, and i'll eat my hat if it lasts 40,000km then for a laugh will run for an hour with no oil cos my 40k postie did..
  11. When ever you change any motor in any registered vehicle it has to be inspected by the transport dept. Here in Qld when you change you need what is called a blue plate.
    Otherwise no go. Even if you think you have won fooling the transport dept. Wait till you try and make an insurance claim.
  12. Nope. As shown in this summary of applicability of ADRs, there are no emissions regs relating to motorcycles (L-group vehicles) beyond a requirement to run on unleaded petrol and the usual noise limits. We get bikes with cats because they're required elsewhere in the world, not because they're mandatory here. Bikes have a completely separate set of rules from cars so the diesel generator engine analogy doesn't hold.

    Yes, that's called jumping through the bureaucratic hoops which is what I said here:-

    BTW, until 3 years ago, I was an engineer for the VSB so I do have some qualifications for giving the above advice.
  13. No bikes here don't require a cat. Bit hard to put one on a KTM300exe.
    If it has one fitted std though you will cop a fine and a defect if you take it off.
  14. Not seen a Postie with a cat yet. I'm not convinced that a prosecution for cat removal on a bike would stick either (not in WA anyway), because the bike would still comply with the ADRs and all other relevant roadworthiness requirements. I'm aware that, in other states, the EPA are prone to sticking their oar in though, noise being a prime example.
  15. As a young lad in the late 70's I was the proud owner of a CT90 and I do recall coming across a similar style of motor for my CT but it had a manual clutch. So after a bit of work I fitted it into the frame and off we went but to my amusement I recall you could change gears without even using the clutch no problems, after the novelty factor ran out the original motor went back in. Manual clutch can be fitted by why bother ...borrow a bike for the test or go for the 'fake' clutch lever that is genius !!!
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  17. To answer your question about the manual clutch on a postie, Yes you can. However finding the bike is the hard bit. A Honda S90 made between 1964 and 69 approx was fitted with a manual clutch. The clutch, side cover, selector shaft ect fit straight on. Bits come up on US eBay however there are some different versions released in the states which don’t fit. Chinese pit bike stuff don't fit so don’t waist your time. I am successfully running this clutch on my postie. Picked all the bits up for $80 but they are hard to find. The S90 was more of a road bike and not a step through. It used a simular frame however it had a normal road style tank fitted to the front. Look around, you may get lucky! hope this helps. Mark!