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Manslaughter charge for killing Tassie rider

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by techno, Apr 1, 2007.

  1. Haven't seen this one posted up so I'm letting everyone know the details, partly so I can vent.

    Last Thursday night a rider was killed in Tas south of Hobart near Huonville. I know of the guy because he worked with my brother in law. He had only had the bike a few months. He was on his way home at about 10PM when a driver coming the other way crossed the road and hit him. Turns out the driver was disqualified, unregistered, pissed and had no hands on the wheel. Cops have rightly charged him with manslaughter. I hope when he gets to prison he get the right @rse screwing he deserves.

    The rider was only 25. There was a passenger in the car who was seriously injured. The pr!ck who was driving walked away with minor injuries. This just makes me even more pissed off.

    Just goes to show that there is no point being in the right with idiots like this on the road. Yes, it seems they are out to kill us.

    On another note there were also two young guys (21 and 22) who collided while riding trail bikes in the North East of Tas. Neither were wearing helmets. Both died.

    All in a sad weekend in Tassie.

    Take care out there people. :(
  2. no damn good at all :(

  3. Man that sucks :(

    There is something about Huonville I tell ya :shock: it's out to get us :(

    Keep us posted on this one, I'd like to know the outcome of the court decision.
  4. That is sad news Techno, condolences to you, and his family.

    On the plus side, the police are doing the right thing, Manslaughter is the ONLY charge to use, and should be used more often IMHO. I hope this sets a precedent for future incidents, might just wake a few people up if they get charged with the serious offenses.

    Huonville is often called "hoonville" for the number of absolute bogans there are on the roads around down there, with no-where near the needed number of cops to control them. I'm sure that the driver is blaming everyone else but himself, such is the mentality of those pr!cks.

    As for the other two young fella's, well I feel for the parents, been there myself. We think we're bullet proof when we're teenagers/young adults, sadly it's a single, irreversible lesson that teaches us otherwise.

  5. That is only because we don't have a charge of to F#$^ing stupid to remain in the gene pool.

    I say neuter the bumb and make sure he can't breed, it protects us from any potential offspring.
  6. I much prefer that to sending people to jail.
  7. Thats why i dont ride at night down here. The guy killed was a couple of years above me at highschool. There is also a Rumor that a second car may have been involved also.