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mans thread for girl problems

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by MT1, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. so i thought i'd start a thread for guys only, to discuss and hopefully solve problems they are having with their partners.
    please note, if you are female your opinions are not welcome in this thread. this is secret mens business only, so kindly GTFO

    Ok, I'll start.
    myself i have been seeing this chick for a while now. nice girl, i like, do want.
    anyway things are starting to get a bit serious. have met her parents, her friends, and maybe all of her kids.
    yes, i know, that sounds very worrying. but i can't help it. she's a godamm freak, treats me like a theme park ride.
    problem i'm faced with, is for the life of me i cannot remember her name.
    don't know how to broach the subject. need to be more tactfull than just straight out asking her name.
    am not willing to risk getting caught rifling through her purse or mailbox.

    i am at a loss. things are getting awkward at times. calling and asking for 'her' or refering to her as 'she'
    please help me [-o<
  2. This thread could get interesting.

    Ask her when her birthday is and get an invitation when she cuts the cake. Listen hard when they sing happy birthday.

    Or ring her an an anonymous phone and ask " who is this"
  3. =D> Well played
  4. Mulva lol, how funny was that episode.
    What's wrong with looking in her hand bag ??? And maybe leaving a stool.
    I had a girl once. I think someone put the wrong kind of fuel in her.... Looked good but ran rough.

  5. That there is the problem full stop
  6. Do you need to know the name of the theme park ride to enjoy it?..........

    = red rag to a bull (y)
  7. You didn't say i'm unwelcome, so i'd just like to come in and gloat on principle about never having to learn to understand them. *ducks and covers*

    I totally recommend the mailbox thing though. Surely you'd have to be really acting up to seem creepy instead of helpful if you casually grab her mail on the way in.~

    (or what GreyBM said.)
  8. I hate to provide a dull solution, but ask for her email address.

    From experience I can say don't undervalue outside female opinion when it comes to girl problems.
  9. For a more fun solution...

    Procure yourself some cheap wizz. If you're not the drug-taking type, ask the teenage/uni-student son or nephew who regularly steals your beer at family gatherings to hook you up with a couple of points. Rock on round to her house. Invite her to partake in said cheek... but, Bugger!, you left your wallet in the car and need something to chop the lines. She produces bank/medicare/organ-donor's/drivers licence card from purse. Bingo! Problem solved.*

    [Edit: *Warning this solution risks causing you to become a total gobshite under the influence, ruining what was hitherto a good thing.]
  10. I think you're missing the entire point of this thread :LOL:
  11. Just go out for lunch, meet a mate, say 'I'll be right back, introduce yourselves'. Get your mate to sms you her name, or take him aside to get the info. Easy
  12. Maybe connect via Facebook if you haven't already, and (in a nice way) do a bit of cyberstalking to work out her name?

    Or better yet, propose ... then at the altar listen real close to the minister when he says "do you, MT1, take [insert name here] to be your lawfully wedded wife?" :)

  13. That's wont work. Someone always has to bring their crying baby to the wedding. You wont hear the name
  14. Call her mobile while she's in the shower and listen to her voicemail greeting.


    Ask her how she spells her name. if it turns out to be generic like 'Kate' you'll look like a moron but if you're lucky it will be something with lots of potential answers like Christine/Kristine/chrystyne/krysteen
  15. ^^ not nessecelery, my sister has a generic name with non-generic spelling, and brings the fires of hell upon your ass if you spell it wrong.

    i agree with suriag, just grab her mail on the way in
  16. Awesome thread. I feel for you mt1, had same problem in a different form. Woke up one morning and the brain cell that carried my PIN no had failed to reproduce properly. could not remember for the life of me and had to get it changed.
  17. Done this heaps. raid her hand bag, find her purse, find her drivers lic. or other id, and DON'T forget it again.
  18. Here's my problem. grass is always greener on the other side. can't help checking out the scenery even if I'm with a smokin hot babe.
  19. yep, fine, NO THANKS FOR YOU :-$