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Manoeuvre's Testing - QRide.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ChrisM, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. Hi all, i've been doing a few 'learn to ride' lessons and after the last one the instructor suggested i do the manoeuvre competency test.

    I've already done a handful of the figure 8 turns in each direction in their layout with the cones on the ground to his liking, but thats the only one they've actually shown me so-far. A guy i work with just recently completed his Q-ride and has given me what he can remember of it, and some tips - but i'd appreciate if anyone here has anything extra to add, or other things that he may not have remembered.

    Below is what i was sent via email. Any additional info and tips would be great, i've got it this saturday and want to be as well prepared as i can be. I will probably be riding their GS500 again for this.

    Thanks in advance, Chris.


    Control - slow riding between witches hats that must be completed in > 11 seconds and no foot down to stabilise yourself. The distance is about 20 metres I think. You must be able to do this twice to be considered successful. The trick is to use your back brake constantly.....do not use the fronts. Also, keep your head up and look ahead....this will help you go straight and keep control. Lock your legs into the tank as well for balance.

    Control - emergency braking at 40 km per hour without locking up the tyres and within 20 metres braking distance. You must complete this 4 times I think, to be considered successful.

    Slowing down - at about 40 km per hour you must change down gears to a stop designated by the tester. You must not go over the designated stop area and you must change down to first gear. I think I had to do this twice.

    Counter steering - 3 tests on this. Firstly 4 x figure 8's, 2 times each way (watch out for momentum increase, use your back brake to control your speed).
    Secondly - 4 x emergency steering using counter steering - at 40k's/hour you will go through a set of witches hats, then they will indicate via a signal which way to counter steer, then you must steer towards that direction and go through a set of witches hats.......then brake.
    Finally, slalom at speed........in and out of witches hats (very simple) - 4 times I think to be considered successful.

  2. I did Q Ride at Pro Honda, and they basically showed us how to do stuff, instructed us around the course, and then watched us, told us any corrections needed.

    I had to do 6-8 figure 8's in something like 80 seconds - easy peasy, just remember to counter-steer (do a search if you need help with that!)

    Things that could help you out - Be able to ride at walking pace in first gear, using the back brake and clutch. Slaloms around witches hats, stop and go from a designated line, using indicators and remembering to turn them off, head checks for other riders on the course. For all the slow stuff, use your back brake, only use the front brake for the emergency stop. Also had to reach @35Kph (3rd gear), and then stop on a line, changing down to first as we braked.

    Hope that helps you out a bit and doesn't confuse you!
  3. These two were the biggies when I did my course. Amazing how many riders failed to do this time and time again.

    All the info you've been given looks spot-on. Good luck! :grin:
  4. thanks guys, part 1 down - passed those tests okay today, tomorrow i have the instruction video thing to watch and the ride......

    The instructor was good, he got me to do the counter steer tests a couple of times myself first seeing how to make it change direction to each side twice, before we moved onto the actual part of him designating a direction change. That was good because it gave me a chance to go more and more with the steering input and work up to it.

    The slow straight line, i was about 1 second too quick the first time, and he granted me the concession of using the clutch aswell as the rear brake (usually he wants pure brakes) because the bike had a bit of a miss when it went at uber-low speed and would try to cark it.

    Passed with time to spare, and was then asked when i'm doing the 2nd half, the ride, and i said well i'd have to book in whenever they had a spare slot....... as it turns out there's a spare slot for tomorrow....... so provided i don't bugger things up, i just might be able to get out next weekend and ride the SV by myself!

    Thanks again for your input guys, some people forget that everyone was a learner once. :grin:
  5. Good luck tomorrow, mate. We'll be out doing the Pink Ribbon ride. :grin:
  6. Hey Chris, glad our little bit of info helped you out!! Enjoy your ride tomorrow, relax and remember to breathe!!

    Good Luck
  7. Well all went smashingly, no pun intended.

    Passed with flying colours. So monday i'll head to the transport place and get myself a shiny new license.... then go for a ride on my SV650 atlast!
  8. Congratulations, mate. Rubber side down! :grin: