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Manny Update and BBQ

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Removed_User6, Sep 21, 2005.

  1. I have had many PM's asking about manny BBQ and visit.
    I went in and saw Manny tonight at royal talbot and also spoke with mannys wife while she was there .
    Manny is really appreicitive of everyone visiting and asked me to pass it on to everyone.

    I spoke to many in regards to a BBQ visit and he would prefer that we hold off on it for the moment until he is back in the wheel chair instead of stuck in the bed.
    he would prefer that so he can get around and socialise with everyone which is more than understandable.
    Manny will give me the heads up on when to orginise it either personally or via ratbag.
    so for all who asked that is the update of what is happening .

    But as far as visiting as a group thats fine.
  2. Thanks for the update.
  3. Manny may contact you personally Glen, dont think he wants its all organised around him without any input by him :)

    But yes, i'll let you know as soon as possible if he gives me the go ahead, i think at this stage the thing getting him down is being in bed all the time, he wants to get around on wheels.

    cheers ratty

    p.s. i think it really makes a huge difference to some1 in this situation, i know i would like it if people i know were geniunely concerned about my well being.
  4. Great! I look forward to the BBQ, and the next group visit.
  5. Glen, taking onboard all that you've said above, is there any ball park idea of when the BBQ is likely to be ? Even if it's as open as a particular month, even before or after Christmas etc ?
  6. manny should only be in rehab for a short time, i honestly wouldn't be suprised if he's busted out before xmas.
  7. I get to play Chef :)

    *shrug* It's a wog thing :LOL:

    Let him know that I'll bring some pretty grouse loukanika :) He'll know what I'm on about :)
  8. Great idea you can count me in.
  9. Most likely be within the next month , just waiting till hes up out of the bed.
    I will visted him again each week and when he give the ok we will get the ball rolling with manny , vic , here and the staff at the hospital.

    as soon as i know i will post straight away.

    also , dont wait for it to visit , go in and see him as well , its better for him to get visitors regulary than just big groups every now and then .