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Manipulating the media..

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Oct 11, 2008.

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  1. THE sport of the noughties.


    We all got hot and bothered about the guy in Queensland who was told to pull down his Australian flag. Shock horror, anti-Australian, we all chorused.

    But the issue wasn't the flag at all; it was the fact that this dope had erected his flag pole in a place which contravened council regulations. But did he just quietly comply, and move the pole? Of course not, that would be sensible. He manipulated the media to make him look like the victim. And the council caved in to the media beat-up.

    NOW when someone else does something contrary to regulations, they haven't got a leg to stand on; the party in question will also rush to the media and say that they gave in to the cretin with the flag, so they have to give in to me too.

    And then there's the sad case of the girl who died in Croatia. The family has been in the press denying that their little girl would ever get drunk, or sleep around, despite the fact that people who were there with her uniformly say she was doing both. And they cried foul because the AFP weren't taking the case seriously. AND then they prejudiced the examination of the body that was found by saying that the Croatian Police would say that it WAS the girl's body even if it wasn't, just to wrap up the case. DNA evidence now proves that the body IS indeed the girl, but now, of course, they can continue to impugn the investigation, and trot out all sorts of conspiracy theories because they have 'seeded' the media to create a climate for them to thrive.

    And let's not even start with our Iraq war 'casualty', :roll: Jake Kovco.....
  2. If I was the family, I'd be getting an independent DNA test done asap after the body was released to them, just to make sure.
  3. .. thereby proving the point of my original post :LOL:
  4. I think the media may quite often be manipulating the story themselves, all that extra mileage is better for the enviroment.
  5. suppose your darling children disappeared in a foreign country, the police only met with you once and hence forth routinely ignored you. Imagine then, while waiting for your daughter waiting to find out if she is alive, some pratt speaks up solemnly swearing shes a drunken slut.

    What exactly would you do Paul? Agree?

    "yes you're right, the daughter whom i love is a dirty whore"

    I bet seeding the media is exactly what was on their minds.

    back in my day there was a thing called respect for the dead.
  6. It's the fools that lap up the New Ideas with Lady Di on the cover, and papers with juicy gossip and headlines smeared all over and vilify others based on today tonight articles etc that feed it and enable it.

    How hard is it to get a truely unbiased report on things though when most people naturally choose sides and slant their communication to reflect it?
  7. pompous prattle, your normal setting :roll:
  8. hey paul i read this crazy article in the paper yesterday that god is real

    people believe what they want to believe - regardless of evidence or popular belief.

    a girl i knew in high school (great student & perfect child) died recently & i found out through media that she was a single mother and a drug addict. I think id rather remember her like i knew her in school.
  9. Why should the police give the family teh time of day? They have an investigation to run, and self important middle class wankers butting in at every turn, trying to influence people is not helpful.
    Of course she was a drunk, several photos of her in teh media show her drunk, clearly her normal state of consciousness. It says a lot when even teh family can't find non drunk photos of her.........
    I love how the first photo we saw of her was with a beer bottle label on her arm, but that suddenly stopped doing teh rounds pretty quick eh?
    Also find it very amusing that appeals for people to come forward if they have any information of here whereabouts are circulated here in Australia. Yeah, I just saw her yeaterday. :roll: As if anyoen here would have seen here in Croatia, and as if Croatian media is going to run that (hint, English is not their first language).

    Regards, Andrew.

  10. answer two questions:

    1. if your kid went missing, would you do anything in your power to get them back?

    2.when you pride and joy, your little darling, is paraded in the media as little more than a drunken prostitute, what would you say? would you stand by and do nothing?

    when confronted with third world quality policing, would you simply say nothing? if a reporter asked you a question, about your possibly dead girl would you be savvy enough to hear the loaded question? Would you as a parent be aware enough to take down your child's facebook pages so the media couldn't take the first available image? When expressing your frustration about the slow progress or the lack of - because lets face it, 1 hour of thinking your kid is dead is too long - would you be aware how the media would construe it?

    or would you simply want you kid back?

    speculating about the moral quality of a person based on photographs, or laughably given the topic, media reports, speculating on the grieving parents 'insidious' media manipulations is cowardly, somewhat naive and just plain downright nasty.

    this is why we banned rider down threads...
  11. People manipulating the media? Media manipulates people!
    One of the biggest examples of media manipulating the public and even government was the Lewinsky scandal (I was living in NY at the time). Did it even matter that he cheated on his wife? Not really. Was it anyones business? No.
    It was 7 months between the news breaking and Mr. Clinton finally admitting what happened. And the whole time the media held onto the story, emitting daily reminders just in case you forgot. Ms. Lewinsky held onto that famous DNA stained blue dress for over a year, how creepy is that? Over the whole period, Clintons approval rating dropped, although his private life had nothing to do with him being President. People just seemed to become so involved with the whole thing that they forgot that it in no way effected them. The day that Clinton admitted everything my history teacher told us all to go home and watch the "history making" news unfold. Well I went home and played Crash Bandicoot.
    Thats my little rant over...don't get me started on Today Tonight and A Current Affair
  12. The fact that Britt Lapthorne may or may not have been a drug-taking booze-swilling skanky ho is irrelevant. Bottom line, she did not deserve to be killed.

    Were she a member of my family, I too, would have taken steps to keep that sort of stuff out of the media. Why? Because it is's nobody's business how she lived her life - there will always be somebody who wants to maintain that because she wasn't living a life of upright, god-fearing virtue and sobriety, it was somehow her fault.

    Hell yeah, let's do both ...... manipulate the media AND blame the victim. :roll:
  13. How do you know the policing is bad? Because some arrogant middle class wanker, whose constant blasting of the policing in teh media, said so? Makes you as ignoant as them.
    The fact that she was a party animal, who went to a country by herself and chose to get really drunk in a country where women are not respected quite as much as in her own country is relevant.
    If someone chooses to put themselves in harm's way, bad luck.
    What IS cowardly, is a wealthy middle class family using the media to portray their "darling child" as something she was not, and taking shots at the police force of a foreign country for not dropping everything, RIGHT NOW, and focusing on yet another missing drunk backpacker......
    The arrogance of people coming in and accusing a police force of not doing anything because they are supposedly out of the loop is just ridiculous. WHy should they be in teh loop? Can they help? No? Then hey, let's devote resources to actually doing our job rather than babysitting some spolit wankers.
    Seems teh media has certainly worked wonders on you, you've swallowed up all they had to say on this matter. :LOL: It seems you are incredibly naive.
    Bet you watch Today Tonight too eh?

    Rider down threads were banned because teh vast majority of riders here prefer to blame everything but themselves for the accidents they have, and when it was sguuested that maybe, just maybe it was actually teh rider, then all hell used to break loose.........
    I wish I had a dollar for every time I have heard "it was teh tyres" or "stupid cager" when someone has put themselves, the rider of teh bike, in a position that was avoidable.

    Regards, Andrew.
  14. Foul play has yet to be proved, I'm not privy to anything other than what we are being told via the media and what I'm reading etc.

    So far as reported, we can assume she was "a little tipsy" , her body was found of shore from 60mtr high cliffs in a badly decomposed and partially dismembered state. These cliffs are only a few hundred mtrs from the night club in question.

    She has to walk past those cliffs to get to and from the hostel and this night club she was partying at.

    This is my take on what we the public have been told, and if proved wrong I will detract this supposition :p

    She was drunk/alone and got too close to the edge of the cliff while doing some some sightseeing on her way back to the hostel and fell off the edge.
    A 60mtr fall would most certainly be fatal and body damaging, after a few days in warm water and being pounded by tidal/surf surging [ which would account for the faster decomposition and partial dismemberment ] the body has broken free from where she landed etc and floats out to where she was found.

    On the evidence as we have been given publicly I would say death by misadventure. No more no less, a tragic end to a young girls life.

    If more evidence is forthcoming my supposition may change :LOL:
  15. I have friends who's families come from that neck of the woods, their opinion as soon as they heard she'd gone missing was "foul-play". I have no idea what they based this on, but they were unanimous in their opinion.

    One of them even said they should look in the water, 'coz that's where she'd be.

  16. as with hornet, you continue to dance on her yet to be formed grave, but refuse to answer the simple question, what would you do if it was your child?

    there is a lot illogical with your post so here goes:
    you pick up and rant about the bad policing. you use their relative weath, the girls apparent promiscuity (with no facts other than what the media has shown you - a media supposedly manipulated by the family?) as some excuse for a lack of compassion.
    your assertions about her irresponsibleness are completely irrelevant. you seek to cloud the point with emotive moral asertations about her drinking or their wealth, or whatever.

    the *fact* is, that regardless ofher promiscuity, drunkeness, moral lacking, a grieving parent will NOT be thinking about manipulating the media.
    wtf do you think this is for them? their 15 minutes of fame? they are saying what they feel and that is then being plastered across a news headline. Damn them for having emotions.

    I take much issue with the OP. Construing a family's grief as an insidious attempt at media manipulation simply for their own gain, when their daughter - no matter how morally bankrupt - has just died, IS a cowardly attack. Its kicking them when they are down.

    This thread needs to be locked and burnt
  17. I agree with you russ about this particular case. Any parent would do the same.
  18. Well the public comments now made by the family, namely her father is shaping up to blow up in their/his faces.


    from http://www.theage.com.au/national/we-want-answers-on-britts-death-lapthornes-20081012-4yvt.html

    And from http://www.reference.com/browse/decompose

  19. Plus any fish nibbling on the remains would have contributed to an appearance of more advanced decomposition.
  20. It IS very sad for the family, but as recently as 5 minutes ago the father is on national TV saying he doesn't accept the results of the DNA testing, and that he demands an independent autopsy when he brings the body home. That's grief talking. But there is no way he can say "my daughter didn't jump off a cliff" when he wasn't there to verify whether she did or didn't. There's no way he can say "people were searching for 18 days and no-one found the body" as if to suggest the body had been planted. Thousands of people searched for Steve Fosset's body too, and conspiracy theorists were circling there too. But it WAS found, and he IS dead.....

    And, of course, the media are providing unlimited opportunity for these things to be canvassed.....
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