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Manilla gets new motorcycle only lanes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Vertical C, Oct 26, 2011.

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  2. Ive never been to that part of the Philippines................but that picture is nowhere near busy, WTF it looks deserted.

    Its a great idea though, safer for MC riders, faster too, and promotes a more fuel efficient transport......and less congestion.

    Come on Australia........JUST DO IT!! M/C riders need some lovin too ;)
  3. I've been watching this news issue for about two weeks... two city roads in Manilla have been given dedicated bike lanes. The local motorcyclists association is unhappy about it too - the argument is that the lanes have introduced new risks and are a possibly cynical anti motorcycling move. They are suing the local council over it.

    I didn't think it was newsworthy yet - both sides are still going at it... but it's worth talking about.

    Motorcycle only lanes have worked on the freeways in various places, but I'm holding fire till I see a good case for or against Commonwealth Avenue's implementation.

    Edit: http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/82951/mmda-chair-welcomes-suit-vs-motorcycle-lanes
  4. Our government would figure out some way to either **** it up completely or screw us all.... perhaps both
  5. qft! definately would do that.
  6. ive often wondered if they could make an extra half lane for that specifically - but wondered if only half a lane is too unsafe. Seems they did a full lane.

    Looks good in theory. I fkn looove cruising in the bus lane, particularly on long stretches where there arent any left turns for cars to f u up
  7. What about one of the emergency lanes? We can always get out if there's a car in it (give way to emergency traffic). The issue is that the emergency lane doesn't always go all the way down the freeway. If one uses the right emergency lane, there's unlikely to be any cars go into it (unlike a bus lane) unless it's a breakdown.

    However, all this doesn't address splitting in traffic that isn't a freeway. Unlikely we'd get a special lane on Punt Rd somehow...
  8. This has been proposed previously (and frequently) but to no avail.

    There was a proposal put up by one of the outer melbourne councils (I think City of Casey - but I'm not sure) to VicRoads some years back but which didn't get anywhere.
    The previous Minister (Tim Pallas) was supportive of the Eastern Freeway proposal but it also never went anywhere.

    From the classic study by Marcus Wigan Powered Two Wheelers in Victoria

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  10. As for somebody who's been to Manila a few times, i can't believe how empty those in the pics are. They must be taking them outside the city.

    And Rob, crossing over numerous lines is the norm there, or in any SE asian country for that matter. All drivers / riders are accustomed and conditioned to it there. No way in hell it would work here, with our deaf and blind drivers (and some riders too).
  11. reminds me of the bus lane approaching the harbour bridge. lanes to the left heading for the cahill expressway, lanes to the right heading to the city/western suburbs. That is the most scariest lane in Sydney.